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How to Grow Herbs and Their Uses

Gardeners can use herbs in many ways when they grow them. Herbs are great as flavorings in food, drying for potpourri, to perk up tea, as medicinal treatments, and even to keep pests under control in a garden. Herbs can be grown in various ways from an herb garden indoors in a kitchen area to a small garden plot outdoors.

Fighting Pests With Pests

If you are a gardener you would surely know that your garden will attract regular plant eaters. What can you do naturally to fight these unwanted guests? Before you buy pesticide do read on about biological control and how you can do it yourself.

Basics of Flower Gardening

There are a lot of questions to be answered for flower gardening, starting with “Do I use annuals, perennials or bulbs?” Are there plants that will grow well in the shade? You can show off your style and creativity by designing your own flower gardens.

Growing and Preserving Herbs

You’ve cultivated your herbs and taken pride in watching them thrive and mature. Herbs can be used for many applications. But some work needs to be done with the herbs before you can use them. Normally 3 methods of preserving are used by people: the use of a medium such as salt or even vinegar, freezing, or drying.

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