How to Build an Easy DIY Compost Bin

Winter Gardening – Composting

Just because it is winter and most of the more desirable flowers and vegetables will not grow until spring, this hardly means that there is nothing to do. Although it may not seem like it, your soil remains active and continues to lose nutrients during the winter months, especially if you have a lot of evergreen plants.

Growing Tea Herbs – Four of the Tastiest

It’s true that consuming some herbs in the form of an infusion can have significant health benefits, but some of us just like herbal tea for the taste… period! So when it comes to growing tea herbs, which are the tastiest of the bunch?

Enjoy Greenhouse Hydroponics Gardening

When it comes to greenhouse hydroponics gardening, there are a variety of great advantages. Hydroponics is a type of gardening that you can easily customize, especially if you are doing it inside of a greenhouse. If you are not overly familiar with this type of gardening, you may not be aware of all the excellent benefits that come along with it. Here is a look at some of the wonderful advantages that can be enjoyed when you use greenhouse hydroponics gardening to grow your plants.

Hokidachi – Broom Style Bonsai

The broom style is specifically the form that replicates the way a number of deciduous plants or trees thrive in nature. This style offers you an image of a tree that grows without any competitors around.

Conserving Water With Your Landscape Irrigation System

Many people are concerned with the overuse and waste of water. This has been a hot topic for years. There are water restrictions in many parts of the U.S. during times of drought. Regardless of restrictions, the need to water your landscape and/or garden is still a must.

Design Your Garden to Reflect Your Personality

Designing your garden is an art form that will reflect your style and individuality. Like interior design, it’s a combination of design elements that include color, texture, furniture, and the materials used. Garden design often focuses on a central theme such as traditional, country, contemporary or abstract.

Tips to Improve Passive Greenhouse Heating With Heat Sinks

Passive heating is one of two greenhouse heating methods, the other one being the active method. The main difference between the two is on the power source. Where passive heating relies on the power of the sun, active heating depends on the power of electricity to generate heat.

Using the Container Herb Garden Plan to Your Benefit

Once you have prepared the containers, you can now plant the seeds or seedlings. Plant the herbs properly. The tallest herbs can be planted at the center while the smaller ones can be planted in the surrounding area according to the container herb garden plan. If the herbs are cascading, it should be placed along the containers edges.

Two Methods of Making Compost Briefly Explained

Compost gardeners employ two methods of making compost – the cool and the hot process. The choice of either one depends largely on the preferences of the gardener particularly as each one has its advantages and disadvantages. So, read on and find which method suits you the best.

Pruning Grapes the Right Way

What does pruning grapes the right way mean? It covers all questions as to why pruning is required, the best seasons to prune, why is it necessary to increase the bud count and more.

Tips on How to Grow Grapes

How to grow grapes will walk you through 6 important tips on how to grow grapes. Each of the grape growing tips is simple yet profound. Make sure you read through them carefully and think over what’s being said.

Worm Bin and Vermi Composting For Beginners

Adding worms to your compost pile makes for faster decomposition, not to mention that these little critters introduce more beneficial nutrients into the soil. Ultimately, you get the best bargain because you end up with healthier plants, you save on fertilizer costs and you become a more responsible citizen of Earth.

What is Blanket Weed? How Can I Keep it Under Control?

Blanket weed is an alga. It is a primitive type of plant life that is extremely good at colonizing and dictating its environment when the conditions are suitable. The weed multiplies by branching off parts of its own structure which then grows in new areas. Koi ponds provide the perfect environment for blanket weed; the weed thrives in the warm conditions provided here.

Choosing a Bonsai Pot

There are a lot of different bonsai pots to choose from. The shapes, sizes, and colors are so varied that choosing a particular pot can be very challenging. Although aesthetics is important, it should not be overly so as the bonsai plant deserves more attention than its pot.

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