How to Care For Poinsettias (And Make Them Bloom Next Year)

How Grandpa Is Bringing Free Enterprise To His Family

How one Grandpa In Illinois is using gardening to teach his grandchildren about responsibility, entrepreneurship, and purpose. Over the summer he taught his 3 grandchildren the value of investing a little to achieve great rewards. This is their story.

How to Grow Plants Indoors and All Year Round Using Hydroponics Methods

Being able to grow plants indoors allows for produce to be harvested all year round, even with seasonal crops such as strawberries and tomatoes. Hydroponics gardening methods can be used indoors to grow plants all year round. Read this article to find out how!

Why Raised Bed Gardening Is Easier

You would be interested in raised bed gardening if I said it makes gardening easier in so many ways? Sure there was a little work putting the framing in and buying the compost but it solved issues with the soil, controls pests, improves the amount of produce in an area, reduces weeds, and they helps conserve water. I see the rabbits circling the garden but they haven’t figured out how to get in yet. You don’t have to limit your gardening to vegetables because you can just as easily grow herbs and flowers too. In fact any plants that love well-drained soil can benefit from being grown in raised beds.

Growing Cucumbers – Tips on How to Grow From Scratch

Growing cucumbers is easy as long as you prepare the soil and make it ready for planting. This ensures that the plants will receive and make better use of the water and nutrients to grow strong and healthy. Having the right soil for growing your cucumbers is what will ensure that in just a few months you will have a crop of the most delicious cucumbers.

Hydroponics Systems for the Home and Hydroponics Gardener

If you’re thinking about getting started with hydroponics gardening, the first thing to learn about is the hydroponics systems that are available. Read this article to learn the basics of hydroponics systems.

How to Grow Roses – Five Important Steps

If you want to learn how to grow roses, there are five key steps that your must always take. If any one of these is ignored, the roses will not be as lush and beautiful as they could have been, and may not survive at all.

Is the Beauty of the Rose Being Wasted in Your Garden Landscape?

Roses can be a wonderful addition to any landscape, but to take full advantage of their color and beauty, you need to plan carefully. This article outlines the questions you must answer to ensure the best possible end result.

Landscaping Designs For All Gardens

When you first consider landscaping designs for your property, it can feel like a very daunting prospect. The very word design can sound expensive as you associate it with designers in other fields (pardon the pun) who are highly paid.

Gardening For All Seasons

For some, gardening is just a hobby to pass the spare time on their hands and yet to others, spending time in the garden is the ideal way to creatively use the space in and around their homes to achieve good decor, while at the same time achieving other benefits. These can take various forms, with some people opting to use their garden to just grow flowers and shrubs or using rockery plants. Others use their garden space as a source for organic foods by planting vegetables, fruit bushes or trees.

Choosing Native Plants for a Wildlife Pond

Native aquatic plants have an important role in keeping a pond healthy and attracting wildlife. They help to keep the pond water clean and oxygenated, while the roots and leaves provide shade and shelter for pond residents.

Storing Processed Potatoes

Growing potatoes can be incredibly rewarding, particularly if you have the space to plant a fair number of them. Better still, if you get a particularly good crop, you can process some of them and store them for times when there aren’t any fresh tubers to harvest from your garden.

Importance of Sanitation in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency planning and preparedness is not only about storing food and water. Often, we leave out important aspects of preparing for disasters and emergencies. One of the common things left out is about our plans for sanitation.

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