How to Care for The Rubber Tree Plant (Ficus elastica)

Beginners Grow Fast Food With Aquaponics

With the boom of the fast food industry and the speed we run our lives you would think that we would all be slim and trim like a race horse but is that the case? Our grandparents lived a much slower pace and yet when you look at past photographs, they seemed to be much slimmer than their grandchildren are today, why is that?

How To Become A Better Locavore

A locavore is someone whose diet consists primarily of locally grown or produced food. If you want to be one it has never been easier. Farmers Markets are popping up everywhere or you can plant your own garden to get some of your food closer to home.

An Aquaponic Garden Oasis in an Unfertile Land

Growing plants is a passion that young and old may share together. Watching those little seeds sprout and grow through their different stages until they reach maturity, where you can taste the fruits of your labour. What do you do with your obsession for gardening if you live in an apartment or have soil that is unfertile?

Aquaponic Gardening for the Hobbyist

Having a hobby is one of the most relaxing things we can do in life, whether it’s building models, have tropical fish or collecting sports cards. It keeps the mind active and give us a sense of achievement. For a child it gives them more responsibility and for an adult or a senior it gives them something to look forward to and helps take the cares of the day away. If this is you then here is a new hobby you can try that does not require much effort and is very rewarding. Why not build your own aquaponic garden? It is suitable for all ages and you get to eat the organic vegetables you grow.

Silver Birch Tree History and Facts

Silver birch, also known as (Betula pendula), is a thin deciduous and is tree native to large areas of Britain and Europe. It is a biggish tree and can grow up to 30m tall but usually has a thin trunk compared to other trees, though this is not always the case. You will find it growing best in places with hot temperatures, like Spain. Dry woodland, heaths and downs is where the tree flourishes. The tree is popular for use in gardens and they commonly hybridise with other birch trees such as the downy birch (Betula pubescens).

Sessile Oak Tree History and Facts

Sessile oak, also known as (Quercus petraea), is a broadleaf tree and is native to the United Kingdom and much of Europe. There are only a few differences compared to English and pedunculate oak; both these species are similar in appearance and commonly hybridise with one another. The tree is often planted outside of its natural habitat.

How an Aquaponic System Can Save Your Budget

Do you think the economy is spiraling out of control? Are you finding it harder to find good quality produce for the table? It seems like prices have gone through the roof and there is no end in sight, we pay a fortune to get a well balance diet. Why do we settle for cheaper lower quality food when we can have good organic quality food and save money. Yes! You can eat fresh organic vegetables, fresh fish and save money. How! By having your own aquaponic farm.

Large Leaved Lime Tree History and Facts

Large-leaved lime, also known as (Tilia platyphyllos), is the scarcest of all native lime trees in the United Kingdom. It is only slightly different compared to the small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata). Since the species is so rare, you will only find it occasionally in woodland throughout England and Wales.

Common Juniper Tree History and Facts

Common juniper, also known as (Juniperus communis), is an evergreen conifer which is native Britain, Europe and large parts of the northern hemisphere. The tree loves dry conditions and thrives in native pine woodland, moorland, chalk downland and also in rocky areas. It is a declining species in the United Kingdom and is under protection.

Tips to Mixing Hydroponic Nutrients

When you’re growing a hydroponic garden for a while, it’s very tempting to do shortcuts. But regardless of your experience with hydroponics, it’s very important to note that not making the hydroponic nutrient solution properly could negatively impact the performance of plants. This is particularly vital for those using multi-part hydroponic nutrients (example: two-parts and three-parts), as such could be more complex than most growers think.

Hornbeam Tree History and Facts

Hornbeam, also known as (Carpinus betulus), is a deciduous tree and is native to southern parts of the UK, but is commonly planted in other places. You will find it growing in oak woodland where it is usually pollarded or coppiced.

Holly Tree History and Facts

Holly, also known as (Ilex aquifolium), is a smallish tree with distinctive spikey, shiny leaves. It is an evergreen species that is native to the UK and also North Africa, Europe and Western Asia. You will often find it growing in scrub, woodland and hedgerows, but is most prominent in beech and oak woodland. It is very common and a popular ornamental shrub and can often be found in gardens and parks.

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