How to Create a Beautiful Fall Container Garden with Proven Winners

How to Trim Roses in 3 Distinct Styles

There are a lot of reasons for you to trim your roses. These may range from personal to professional reasons. Nonetheless, whatever the reason/s may be it should all be done for the overall welfare of your rose plant. As a responsible rose grower, you need to ensure that your rose plant stays healthy. A healthy rose plant will in turn produce stunning blooms.

Keeping Your Green Lawn

Everyone wants to have a clean home which is why we spend countless hours scrubbing the bathroom floor and the kitchen sink. There are times that we really want to rest but when we see the grime on the kitchen floor, we get up and begin scrubbing again. All of this can be done if you have a plan and manage your time well.

Grape Trellis and Training Systems

In order to be successful at growing grapes, one must learn how to train and grow grapes on a trellis. This article explains the importance of a trellis system. It also describes some of the most popular pruning and training systems used around the world such as the High-wire training system, the Low-wire training system, the Umbrella Kniffen system, the Four-Cane kniffen system, the Head training, and the Geneva Double Curtain system. It also shows how each system is suited for different grape varieties and climates.

Sand, Silt, Clay – What Do You Have?

Sand, silt, and clay the three major types of soil. These are comprising the major components of soil but there are combinations of these that are better than others when it comes to growing plants.

How to Grow Porcini Mushrooms

These mushrooms are best when fresh making them a great choice to grow. Mushrooms that are home grown are usually more flavorful than those you will buy in the supermarket.

How to Grow Lantana for Indoors

Lantana (Lantana camara) a native of South America and western Africa belongs to the Verbenaceae family with around 150 varieties. It’s a perennial and hardy plant when grown outdoors with little maintenance. It has a quickly growing habit with a profuse blooms during its maximum growth period. Lantana is sun loving plant ideal for outdoor gardening and produce more flowers when directly exposed to sunlight which adds colors and fragrance to your home.

A Proven Formula for Planting Grapes

In order to be successful at grape growing, you need to have the accurate knowledge. This article explains what to do in order to plant and grow a successful vineyard. It will guide you and tell you precisely what you need to do to get the best result possible.

Propagating a Bonsai Tree By Grafting And Air Layering

There are many ways to grow a bonsai tree from scratch, from planting your own seeds or seedlings to taking cuttings from an adult tree. Air layering and grafting are more advanced methods of propagation and slightly more complex, but beginning bonsai artists can easily learn them and shouldn’t be deterred!

Garden Projects For January

January is probably not your idea of a month to be going around outside and working in the garden. But the holidays are over and it is time to put away the decoration.

Peat Moss, Sand, or Manure?

Which of these three is the best for your vegetable garden? They come in various price ranges, but which one is the best for that garden? I live in Saskatchewan, Canada where we had an extraordinary amount of rain this summer. That rain did a lot of damage to roads, homes, farm land, and gardens. The sky was forever gray and it was always raining, so it was rather depressing.

The Summer Garden

I am not sure how it is for everyone but to me the summer garden is a thing of not only inspiration and beauty it energizes me as well. Yes there are those hot dog days of summer but overall the garden it never more alive than in the middle of summer.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Do You Have A Plan?

How does your garden grow. Do you have a garden plan or is it just a haphazard collection of plants and objects?

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