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Winter Hanging Baskets – How to Keep Hanging Baskets Looking Beautiful in Winter

Now that we’re coming into Autumn, it’s time to start thinking about retiring summer hanging baskets and replanting them with plants that will more readily survive the lower temperatures that winter brings. Of course, the first plants that come to mind are evergreens. Little conifers and box look quite nice as an architectural addition to baskets and will last all year round. But just because we’re moving into winter that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the colour in our baskets, although of course our choices will be a little more limited.

Your Questions On Caring For Orchids Are Answered Here

Have you some questions on how to grow orchids? Read on and you might get them answered. This article lists some of the frequently asked questions on a wide range of orchid growing topics, and then provides each with a clear and informative reply.

Disease and Pest Control

Disease and Pest Control This article focuses on some basic Organic methods that anyone, from the most experienced, to the first time novice gardener, can attempt to control pests and diseases within the confines of wherever they experience the beauty of a flower or vegetable garden! Attentive Monitoring – This past season, some of the more common insect problems I observed included: Aphids, Spider mites, Thrips, Japanese beetles, Rose bugs, Tomato horn worms and Fungus gnats. All have been found in greenhouses and frequently in a surrounding home garden.

Good Organic Food Needs Good Organic Fertilizers

There are many types of fertilizers available that do not require going the chemical route. And a few of them can even be cost free. Chemical fertilizers kill the soil, and deplete it of vital minerals; organic vegetable and fruit gardening using natural fertilizers makes the soil healthy and vital.

Why Design a Sustainable Vegetable Garden?

Barbara remarks on the trend toward self sufficient living. She contrasts designing a sustainable vegetable garden – even a small one – with accepting what what we would otherwise get as manufactured food from big companies. She points out that we do have choices and that it is relatively easy to have flavorful organic produce.

Easy Tips for Pruning Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are a beautiful addition to almost any garden because of their grand, fragrant blossoms. They are also relatively low maintenance. Many beginning gardeners often wonder how to prune climbing roses. This article will provide general tips and basic techniques for pruning climbing roses. First, be sure that your plant has had time to develop a healthy root system before heavy pruning. Climbing roses should be pruned in the fall, after they have stopped flowering. Pruning your roses is an important part of their overall care.

Gloriosa Daisies For Your Container

One of my favorite container flowers are the Gloriosa Daisies. They come in a variety of colors and are short lived perennials. They come in all colors from yellow – orange to red – bronze or russet.

How to Grow Orchids Indoors – Understanding One of the Basics

Having a group of orchids in the home may seem intimidating; growing orchids indoors is not a big challenge when a few points of preparation are in place. Orchids are no different than another plant. They need food, water and a decent place to call home. Let us take a look at one of the essentials of their care.

How To Prune Orchids

Most growers tend to look upon orchids as delicate plants and will worry about pruning them. However, as with most plants, orchids will definitely benefit from a regular pruning. The best time to prune orchids is just before they enter their annual rest period.

Five Easy Green Gardening Tips to Make Bad Soil Fertile

How do you grow organic vegetables quickly on bad soil that’s utterly sterile? Try these tested gardening tips for renewing poor soil without effort. They demand no work, just ingenuity – and they are entirely organic!

Top Three Tips on Orchid Lights

Discover how you can grow your orchid under natural or artificial lights. Learn the advantage and the disadvantage of too little or too much light can do to your orchid and act quickly to fix the problem.

Bring the Fun Into Gardening With Herb Garden Kits

There are all kinds of people that enjoy gardening of all kinds but when it comes to growing herbs it tends to alarm people. Since there are so many different questions when it comes to correctly growing herbs, it can cause many people to avoid growing them altogether. There is however a simple way to get the answers that you need while still having a great time enjoying the calming effect that gardening has for a lot of people. You can purchase an herb garden kit to help you along the path of learning to grow herbs.

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