How-To Create A Simple Container Garden

7 Common Home Vegetable Gardening Mistakes

We have all been there. Making mistakes that we look back on now and say, gees I cannot believe I used to do that. If you are not at that point yet, here are 7 common home vegetable gardening mistakes to refer to.

How to Turn Ordinary Soil Into Prime Topsoil

The major factor in having a beautiful garden or landscaping is the quality of the soil of your property. This article will explain the steps to take to convert ordinary soil into quality topsoil for gardens and flowerbeds. I will also detail the tools needed to make this transformation and how to build and use a special tool to screen ordinary soil.

Orchid Re-Potting – Step By Step Advice

Before you go about re-potting your orchids you need to ensure that you have researched and know how to do it carefully and correctly. You have to be cautious when handling orchids and switching pots because these beautiful flowers are very delicate. You do not want to destroy the flowers so it is vital you know exactly what you are doing.

Overview of Growing Orchids Indoors

This article is about tips that you can use in growing orchids indoors. Orchids are beautiful and lovely to have in home and gardens this is why many people engage themselves in growing this type of plants.

Brassavola Orchid, Lady of the Night

It is quite easy to recognize a Brassavola among other orchids. If you see a white flower with green colored, elongated and narrow sepals and petals it should be a Brassavola. The tips of the three upper sepals and two lateral petals are forming a pentagonal pattern or a star-shaped configuration. And if it spread a pleasant citrus smell at night, it is definitely a Brassavola orchid. No doubt.

A Meditation Garden For Your Lifestyle

Your meditation garden and serene space is easier to design than you think. Here are a few things to keep in mind when developing your contemplative garden.

Types of Flowers

The lilium family contains more than 110 species of lily, an herbaceous flowering plant that can be found in a wide ranging palette of colors, including a spectrum of whites, oranges, yellows, reds, purples, and pinks, and with distinct markings that resemble picotees, spots, and painterly brushstrokes. Lilies are delicate flowers with six tepals and an elegant, aromatic fragrance. Its most popular species include the Tiger lily, the Calla lily, the Madonna lily, Stargazer lily, Easter lily, and Morning Star lily.

Taxonomy of the Genus Tricyrtis

Tricyrtis (toad lilies) are a shade-loving perennial in the lily family whose small but beautiful and intricately designed orchid-like flowers stop people in their tracks. When looking for woodland garden plants that flower after the spring season, tricyrtis head a very short list. The name tricyrtis comes from the Greek “tri” (three) and “kyrtos” (swelling, arched, bulging or humped) which refers to the 3 sack-like nectaries at the base of the tepals.

Vegetable Garden Planning – Important Tips for Growing Your Own Vegetables

When planning your garden do not forget about the climate zone you live in. The size of the vegetable garden may vary from about 50 square meters in tropics to a much bigger one in a temperate zone.

What Is Organic Garden Therapy?

Beautiful blooming buds have always been thought to have healing powers to the soul, but more and more it is being thought that these healing properties go far beyond mental joy and may actually help a person to recover from a physical shortcoming as well. Organic garden therapy has recently been incorporated in the health industry and it has been proven very beneficial to a person’s well-being, both physical and emotional. Gardening gives a person a sense of pride and belonging, while allowing them to exercise and interact with others.

Gardening Tips for Beginner

Gardening can be a fun hobby. This activity also brings many benefits, not only for women but also for men.

Planting and Growing Grapes to Make Wine

Before planting the grapes you will need to decide where you will plant your vineyard. You will need a spot in your back yard that is well drained. The spot should have plenty of sunlight and placed where the vines can get plenty of air circulation. You will need to have about 1,200 square feet of vineyard space to start your vineyard.

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