How-To Create A Thriller/Filler/Spiller Combination Container

Whitefly Control – Dealing Effectively With a Menace

In this article you will find information on the most common whitefly species, the damage they do, and how to control them. Do not let them take over your garden, act before they establish themselves there.

Lawn Mowing Tips for Warm Season Grasses and Cool Season Grasses

Lawn mowing tips to help you on the way to a greener weed free lawn. There are a heap of useful tips to keep in mind when you are looking after your lawn. If you are starting out as a lawn care novice then you will want to keep the following tips in mind. 1. Lawn mowing is a very basic but important requirement for a great looking lawn. Turf mowing should be a regular activity for homeowners and contractors. Frequent mowing encourages lateral growth of turf runners (in the case of warm season grasses). Turf grasses that are mowed regularly develop into thick and dense lawns making it harder for weeds to germinate and grow.

House Plants, Pests and Diseases

Even plants grown indoors can be plagued by a variety of pests and diseases. It is important to isolate a sick plant so that whatever problem it has is not transferred to other plants in the group. Aphids, mealy bugs, scale insects and ants are just a few of the culprits. Regular inspection will minimize damage to your house plants.

Beginner Guidelines to Organic Gardening

Discover how you can grow a large amount of organic vegetables for your family to enjoy. Organic gardening works with nature to produce food that is free of synthetic chemicals and is also good for the environment. You will find information on how to reduce garden pests naturally and increase soil fertility.

Caring for Your Wooden Garden Furniture

You have just had a lovely summer with your brand new Wooden Garden Furniture, but winter is about to kick in and you are concerned about the extreme weather effecting your lovely furniture. Ideally it is best to put your Wooden Garden Furniture away during the winter months. However this is not always possible if you do not have the space.

Necessary Guidelines in Watering Orchids

This article contains important information about watering your orchids. The right amount of water can help maintain the beauty and fragrance of your beloved plant.

Orchid History: A Fascinating Story

What holds the record for the oldest plant pollen? Oh, you would be surprised to know that your beloved exotic orchid has evidence of existence dating up to 80 million years back! Just imagine that tamed beauty in your garden has been around almost as old as time. To have the orchid withstood the test of time speaks not only of its beauty but of its resilience.

Knowing the Difference of Orchid Types

Orchids, or Orchidaceaeare as its scientific name, is the largest family of flowers in the world. The orchid types are divided into two: the terrestrial and the epiphytic. Although there are around 25,000 species of orchids, they are classified among these two orchid types. These orchid plants are usually seen in tropical areas and each type have a different requirement on the amount of light, water and temperature that they need. These plants can also be grown indoors because most of the types do not call for much light.

Learn About Two Types of Orchid Flowers: Terrestrial and Epiphyte

There are many types of orchids, but they can be divided into two primary categories. The differentiating characteristics are whether they grow above or along the ground. Orchids can grow in the soil, on trees, rocks, poles, or any number of other locations. Orchid flowers that grow on the ground are referred to as terrestrial orchids and the ones that grow above the ground are called epiphyte orchids.

How to Grow Organic Roses

Growing organic roses may be one of the best things that you can do for the environment, your family and for your pets. You are able to beautify your surroundings without sacrificing good health and the welfare of those mentioned. See, when you grow roses organically, you do away with harmful chemicals that may pose a threat to the world we live in and your love ones. Yet the beauty of roses will inspire you and make you happy.

Nine Tips To Consider For Home Grape Growing

Seeing any of your neighbors or friends grow their own grapes can stir up mixed reactions. It might come to you that home grape growing is even possible, as it clearly is. You may also wonder if it really is worth your already-limited garden space, precious time, and some serious spending.

Hints for Starting Your Own Garden

During childhood you probably played in the dirt every chance you got. You dug up the dirt, built homes, and drove little cars around makeshift roads. The sandbox and other patches of dirt your parents allowed you to play in may have been like another world to you, where you imagined yourself taking make believe adventures and journeys. As an adult, it is harder to get away with playing in the dirt. That is why so many adults work tirelessly to begin a garden. As gardeners, you will be…

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