How To Create An Entryway Container

Growing Your Own Food Is Easier Than You Might Think

There idea of growing your own food has a lot of appeal. The ability to have complete control over the quality of your food and nutrition, not having to deal with the grocery stores or paying their high prices are just some of the things that give the idea such appeal. But most people continue to pay for unfresh and processed food year after year.

Want To Grow Your Own Food Without The Typical Gardening Hassles?

Many people are discouraged from growing their own food because of all the time and effort it takes to grow a garden. And most people don’t have a plot of fertile land available. For most, working the soil, fertilizing, pulling weeds and all the work just doesn’t fit into their busy lives. But there is a way to grow food that eliminates all of this.

Attracting Bees With Nectar Rich Planting

One of best ways to attract bees into your garden is by providing the nectar rich plants that they love. Gardens are not quite the same without the wonderful drone of insects throughout the summer months, and watching a sole bumblebee bouncing through the flowers is a wonderful sight. And whether you simply want to provide a wildlife haven, or want those bees to come and pollinate your vegetables, providing nectar rich plants is a must.

Flower Box for Gardening

There are different types of flower boxes. One of them is the planter box. This type of flower box is usually placed on the patio and can also be placed indoors. With its shape, placing flowering plants like bougainvillea, will surely compliment the flower box itself.

Organic Gardening – Sustainable Pest Control

Pest control is a very hot topic in the gardening world, and one that is debated regularly. Environmental and health concerns are very emotionally charged topics in the area of integrated pest management, organic pest control practices, and in the area of the philosophy of the sustainable gardening, for both commercial farmers and to the home gardener.

Save Tomato Seeds

I still have seeds of those tomatoes, the first ones I ever gathered seeds from. They’ve been planted and re-gathered many times since then. That’s the best part of growing heirloom vegetables: You only have to buy the seeds once.

We Vegetable Gardeners Know What to Do With Those Keurig Cups

It seems as if every one of our neighbors and relatives received one of those Keurig individual coffee makers. If you are not familiar with them they are pretty neat, especially if you want to enjoy a quick, fresh cup of coffee. They give you the flexibility of making an individual cup of coffee in a wide range of flavors (over 200 the last time I checked their website) without having to make a whole pot, measuring the grounds and so on.

Watering Tomatoes – Understanding and Knowing the Process

Tomatoes are comparable to grapes. They taste awesome and can be used as an ingredient in almost any food based product. Growing tomatoes is fast becoming popular in the USA and in the world. In America, almost any home has a tomato garden at their backyard. Some are even saying that if there was a people’s voting contest, growing tomatoes would probably be voted as the nation’s national pastime. But then again, it is more than just a hobby for many. Tomatoes can be a good source of income if you know how to grow tomatoes well. If you look at process of growing tomatoes, there a lot of facets to be considered. One of them is watering tomatoes.

Orchids Growing: What You Need To Know

Overview of what you need to know about orchids growing. What makes it different from other house plants? Is it easy or difficult to grow?

The Future of Landscape Design

I reveal some key global garden design trends for the future. The biggest changes in gardening and gardens are led by social and demographic trends wherever you design gardens.

Garden Safety This Storm Season

Check that your garden is free from items that can be blown about and cause damage this storm season. Having your garden landscaped professionally can help ensure yours is a safe one.

How To Add Colour To Your Indoor Garden With Foliage Plants

You do not need a flowering plant to add colour to your indoor garden. There are plants with colourful leaves which are very easy to grow and need little maintenance given the right conditions.

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