How to Fix a Leggy or Stretched Succulent! βœ‚οΈπŸŒ΅// Garden Answer

How to Use a Cold Frame to Start Your Vegetable Plants!

It can be great to get a jump on the season by growing your own transplants. It saves money, and gives you greater control and a greater selection of plants that you can grow. A wonderful way to accomplish this if you do not have room indoors is the use a cold frame right in your own garden!

How To Compost Your Garden And Kitchen Waste!

You may hear people talk about compost all of the time, but may not be exactly sure what it means or how to do it. Composting is one of the most important things that you can do as a gardener, not only does it help the environment but it also gives us a perfect material to fertilize our plants and vegetables! Here’s how…

How To Plan Your Perfect Garden In 3 Steps!

When planning a garden, it is important to think about the place that you are going to plant. Every plant needs the right conditions, and should reflect what is most important to you. Think about what you are going to put in the garden, and the type of garden that you are going to plant. Here’s how you can do the same, in 3 steps!

Hedge Cutting – When and How to Cut Hedges

A beautifully maintained hedge creates a smart boundary, looks stunning and keeps the neighbours happy. Explore some timely advice to make hedge maintenance much easier.

When To Plant Tomatoes To Get The Plumpest Fruit

When you plant tomatoes depends on where you live. Each part of the country is divided up into sections based on the average temperature of the winter in that area. The USDA calls these sections hardiness zones. They are divided by winter temperature to ensure that vegetable and other plant life can survive through the winter based off these hardiness zones.

Online Gardening Tips for the Beginning Gardener

It does not really matter if the garden is large or small or is just in a container placed near the window, or even if it is a window box. These gardening tips sites will give lots of information for gardening for beginners to help any novice all the help they can get to have the best out of their gardens.

Gardening – Keeping the Soil Healthy

Keeping your soil healthy is the first thing that you should consider when planning to plant out your garden whether it be fruit or vegetables. So know your soil and know how your plants are put together. Plants are made up of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and use the raw materials from air, water and the soil to build these up.

Guidelines in Growing Orchids

Orchids are such a beauty. They can captivate the senses of any spectator. Any gardener is not complete without an orchid in his own area. Orchids are unique in such a manner that they do not require soil and more so, they can grow attached to a branch or simply put, in the air.

Disease and Pest Resistant Roses

Even though you can never be guaranteed that your roses will not contract a disease or be the victim of pests, there are a number of roses that are naturally more immune to these illnesses and have a higher resistance. You should be aware, however, that you will still have to take precautions to keep these plants healthy, but disease resistant roses are easier to protect and create less maintenance.

Phalaenopsis Orchids – 6 Reasons Why the Moth Orchid Is Everyone’s Favorite Orchid

Because orchids have a reputation for being hard to grow, everyone always wants to know what the easiest orchid for beginners is, and the answer is nearly always the same: phalaenopsis orchids. No matter your skill level, here are 6 reasons why you should have a phalaenopsis orchid in your collection.

Honey Bees Love Sunflowers

This year we planted several different varieties of sunflowers. The colors were just amazing, from an almost neon yellow to a deep autumn red. One thing they all had in common though, was the bees loved them. Read on to find out what is killing the honey bee!

Trouble Shooting – Why Orchid Leaves Turn Yellow

Trouble shooting the various causes of orchid leaves turning yellow and ways to prevent this. The ‘Trojan Horse Method’ can rid you of pest infestation and cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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