How to Grow Aloe Vera in Containers and Harvest Massive Leaves

600 Watt HPS Grow Light – Putting Answers to Common Questions About HPS Grow Lights

What does HPS stand for? HPS stands for high pressure sodium. Sodium ions will start to emit light when electricity goes through the molecules. Under pressure, the light gets brighter and closer to true light in color. It is a popular option for those who want to light the outdoors at night.

Benefits And Tips Of A Successful Aquaponics

The things you need to consider before you build your own aquaponics system and the importance of each aspect of the system. You need this info to run aquaponics successfully.

An Overview of Container Gardens

Planting in pots or containers is a great way to soften hardscape areas. A stone patio can become a burst of color with a few well-placed planters and wooden decks can be festooned with blooms, if that is your pleasure. And the best part is: container gardening is easy!

Creating A Herb Garden

Herbs are not only decorative; they are useful as well which makes them an essential addition to any garden. Since ancient times they have been used as medicines and as food. But they also have beneficial effects on our own humble gardens, particularly in the vegetable garden, acting as deterrents to harmful insects and attracting useful ones. If you want to grow herbs in your garden it isn’t hard. You can either intersperse them with other plants in a border, grown them in pots, or create a special area dedicated to growing them. Or you can do all three. Here are a few handy tips.

Some Favourite Spring Bulbs for the Garden and Home

In the midst of winter when the garden is looking at its most sparse the gardener starts to look carefully for signs that spring bulbs are beginning to poke through the soil, giving a promise of colourful flowers to come. Here are a few of my favourite spring bulbs, some of which can be brought indoors at this time of year to provide an early glimpse of spring to come and offer a bit of winter cheer.

Instant Organic Garden – Well Close

Can you really have an instant organic garden? It seems some people want the results of an organic garden and great food, but they do not want to do all that back breaking work to get the veggies they like.

Feeding Wild Birds In Winter For Your Garden

Many people enjoy watching birds. That is why so many people have a habit of feeding wild birds in winter, but do you realize that feeding the birds during the winter helps your garden in the summer?

Organic Garden Pesticide – Those Darn Bugs

What to do about all those darn bugs that want to eat the same things you do? Is there a way to use organic garden pesticide safely? Pesticides and organics do not mix. After all the reason you wanted to raise your food organically is to get away from all those chemicals.

Herb Planters Work For Indoor Gardens

This is a great way to include several of the same plants or a variety in the same container. There are a few things that should be used to ensure that the health of the plants is a foremost consideration.

Home Composter – Become a Home Composter and Develop a New Relationship With the Earth

Most of our interactions with nature is looking out through the windows of our houses. We watch documentaries that inspire us to help cut down on the environmental degradation that is churning around us and search for practical ways to put this into effect. One effective practice to embrace is to become a home composter; a simple way to initiate an eco-campaign that anyone can put into effect and will make the earth smile with sustainable joy

How to Grow Indoor Plants

Caring for indoor plants or houseplants during the winter months can be very relaxing hobby. Indoor plants will add color to your home interiors and improve improve the air you breathe.

All About Weed Trimmers

A weed trimmer is a kind of a tool which helps you to get rid of all types of weeds in your landscape in a very smooth and easy way. With the help of its advanced blades, it cuts off tall and stubborn weeds which mar the look by popping in and around the landscape. Lawn care and maintenance is a very tough task without a weed trimmer so it is very important to have one.

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