How to Grow Asparagus Pt. 1: Planting, Varieties, & Bed Prep

Add Blueberries to Your Home Vegetable Garden

Blueberries are an investment well worth the time and effort. They can be used in any meal or dessert during the day, and once your bushes get going, you will have a yearly supply.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic and Clay Pots For the Pants

One of the biggest considerations when trying to grow plants is to decide the type of pots that would be used to house them. Two kinds of housing have been popular, namely the unglazed clay (terra cotta) pots and the plastic pots. Both having advantages and disadvantage, we would like to stage a comparison to help the gardeners make their choice.

Growing Plants Indoors From Seed

Growing plants from seeds is a very satisfying process because you combine soil, water, light, and seeds to bring new plants into the world. Every type of seed has different specific requirements in terms of light, water, warmth, and fertilization, so it is important to read the directions for each seed packet before proceeding. But there are some commonalities with all indoor seed germination projects.

Eight Tips in Making an Organic Garden

Creating an organic garden is a truly fulfilling and rewarding activity. What’s more, it will add beauty and value to your property and enables you to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables right outside your doorstep.

Eight Tips in Making and Maintaining a Rain Garden

A rain garden enables you to plant native trees, shrubs and flowers in your yard. It also enhances the curb appeal and add beauty to your home exterior. It is a great way to utilize storm water and make full use of it.

Hydroponic Gardening – Supplies Needed For Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening takes place in a growing medium rather than the soil. This type of gardening can be done indoors or outdoors and any time of the year or year round. Learn the basics of this gardening method so that you can begin collecting the hydroponic gardening supplies you will need to have a successful gardening experience.

Start Growing Your Own Plants With a Variety of Hydroponic Equipment

Hydroponic growing refers to small indoor gardens that use nutrient enriched water instead of soil. Based in trays underneath special growing lights, hydroponic gardens represent an exciting hobby, a source of food, a source of savings, and even a revolution in the sustainability of our lifestyles. Any successful hydroponic garden uses quality hydroponic equipment to achieve ideal results: beautiful and nourishing fruits, veggies and herbs.

How Can Soil Solarization Benefit Your Garden?

Have you ever heard about soil solarization? Would you like to learn one of the most efficient ways to get rid of pesky weeds as well as pests plus some diseases at the same time?

Growing Your Own Plants With a Tailored Hydroponic Starter Kit

What’s not to love about growing your own plants with a tailored hydroponic starter kit? Hydroponic growing operations are enjoyable. Watch your plants flourish indoors and regardless of outside weather conditions. Hydroponic set-ups are relatively easy.

The Hydroponic Herb Garden – Supplies and Advantages of the Hydroponic Herb Garden

Hydroponic gardening is gardening without soil as a medium. The nutrients are delivered directly to the roots. This method removes the uncontrollable factors found in gardening and creates a sound and stable garden.

Your Tomatoes Soil Preparation Will Help You With When Should I Plant Tomatoes?

For a few weeks in the spring, you have to put aside thoughts of the best juicy tomatoes you want in July, and concentrate on preparing your soil. There are really only two basic things to watch out for, one will take some time, the other patience!

Hydroponic Starter Kits Allow You to Grow Plants From Home

Hydroponic starter kits are wonderful assortments of all the equipment you need to start successfully growing your own plants from home. Hydroponic, or water based, growing systems make the most of sometimes limited space within your own home to develop healthy, vibrant plants from nutrient enriched water instead of soil.

How to Make Sympathy Flower Arrangements Like a Florist Would

Learning how to make sympathy flower arrangements like a florist would make it takes time, patience and practice. A person may be artistic, but the techniques are what keep arrangements from falling apart, especially sympathy sprays. You do not want to get half way through a funeral and have flowers fall out of the spray you made.

Hydroponics – Gardening Without Dirt

How to garden without using any dirt or soil. Hydroponic gardening is the answer.

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