How to Grow Bush Beans: 30+ Plants in One Vertical Tower!

Some Favourite Trees for the Garden

One plant guaranteed to give your garden depth and character is a specimen tree. We all admire the majestic presence of the oak or sweeping branches of the beech, but not many of us have room to accommodate such large trees. However, there are many beautiful and easy to grow specimen trees suitable for even the smallest garden which will provide a focal point and all year round interest. Here are just a few of my favourites.

Two Methods Of Tomato Pruning

If you have ever grown tomatoes you know that they can get out of control really quickly if you do not stay on top of the pruning. While pruning your plants is not a absolute evil it is for the most part recommended by most gardeners. Pruning your plants will not only give your tomatoes a added bit of vigor and growth due to less plant matter taking up nutrients but it will also increase the amount of air flow that is allowed to pass through the rest of the plant which will intern reduce the risk of viruses, fungus…

Rain Harvesting: A Lesson From Sky City

Rainwater collection systems have been making the news recently because individuals, communities and countries are beginning to realize that water conservation is critical to the future of all life on this planet. Fortunately, water is a renewable resource if managed conservatively and wisely. Looking to ancient cultures may provide solutions and strategies for water usage we can employ today that will sustain us into the future. With planning, a rainy day could yield a valuable harvest of water.

Urban Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic vegetable gardening is possible in an urban setup using containers. Having an organic vegetable garden right in your apartment has several advantages enumerated in this article. Lastly, if you do well in growing your own, you might even have some excess to sell to your neighbors or even start a small business.

Dayton Blowers – Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Plants Healthy

You need to give your plants enough light. If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse attached to your home, you probably have all the light you might need. However, many are not so lucky. Using grow lights is the next best thing. Many grow lights offer a full spectrum of light to support your plants’ entire growth and flowering cycle.

Secrets Of Mowing Your Grass For An Optimum Healthy Lawn

Most people have no idea of the importance in mowing techniques to have a lush and healthy lawn. The usual trigger point is either when the grass starts to look long and also when you get a few minutes to finish the chore off. This however may not be the best option if you want a healthy lush lawn. Read on for some secret ways in which your neighbors will be green with envy if you apply these techniques!

The Natural Beauty of Wooden Planters

A short article outlining the reasons for selecting wooden garden planters for your flowers, shrubs and small trees. Also describing the type of timbers that are used for planters and how the finish can complement your home.

Open Pollinated Heirlooms

Heirlooms are plants that have been grown for years and their seeds have been passed down through generations of farmers and gardeners. The seeds saved from heirloom plants can be planted again the next season and the resulting plants will demonstrate the same characteristics and traits from year to year.

Hydroponics for All

I have always loved gardening, but until a few short years ago, due to marriage, children and other things, it was mainly confined to pot plants and the odd tomato or pepper plants. How many of us have done this? Now, having the time and the garden space I am returning to this area, also with my tunnel house, hoping to move into hydroponics.

5 Landscape Design Software Features That Can Help You Design Your Yard

If you’re considering getting a landscape design software program, there are a number of features you have to be aware of. With these features, you will be able to come up with all sorts of design possibilities for your yard without having to make any physical modifications to the landscape just yet. Get to know these 5 common features you will see in the majority of landscape design software programs.

Butterfly Gardening – How to Propagate Milkweed

Everyone loves to have a prolific butterfly garden, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on plants? Here are the basics to propagating milkweed, the host plant of the monarch butterfly.

Why Would People Grow Herbs Indoors?

People often think of cooking only when they decide to grow herbs indoors, but there are many reasons to grow and love herbs inside the home or office. They can be aromatic and can be beautiful decorating tools in the kitchen, break room, or throughout the home. Bay windows in kitchen areas that have a southern or eastern exposure to light are perfect places to plan indoor herb gardening.

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