How to Grow Cilantro…And Stop It From BOLTING!

Mesh and Screen Bird Feeders – Types of Seeds for Mesh and Screen Bird Feeders

Mesh and screen bird feeders offer several options for feeding different kinds of birds. One of the secrets of enjoying bird watching is to draw different species of birds into your yard for you to see. Many birds prefer different types of food than other birds.

Plants for Late Summer

Late summer for most people’s gardens can be a little challenging. Many perennials are no longer at their best, annuals sown earlier in the season are looking tired and gaps start to appear in herbaceous borders. However, there are plants that are at their best at this time of the year and will positively shine in your borders to help you enjoy the last long lazy days of summer.

Wild Bird Feeding – Seven Facts

Are you new to bird feeding? Here are seven facts that should get you started in this enjoyable hobby.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Can A Bird Feeder Really Be Squirrel Proof?

If you have squirrels in your yard, and most of us do, you probably are looking for a squirrel proof bird feeder. A lot of companies have feeders available that are called squirrel proof, but in reality keeping a squirrel away from food is nearly impossible. In this article we want to look at three things to look for in a wild bird feeder.

Cedar Squirrel Feeder – A Cedar Squirrel Feeder Will Look Great In Your Yard

A cedar squirrel feeder is something to consider if you want a wood type material for feeding your squirrels. There are three basic types of wood that you can use for this type of feeder, and we will discuss each one and why I think that cedar is the best wood for your backyard.

How to Can Your Home Grown Tomatoes

What happens when gardening season ends? This is where storage comes into play. I recently wrote a few articles on basic storing methods, but in this article I want to give you specific steps to “can” those home grown tomatoes using the water bath method.

How to Plant Mushrooms – Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms at Home

There are some studies that show shiitake mushrooms can help patients with certain cancer. Shiitake has lentinan, a kind of beta glucan that can enhance the immune system that will enable the body to fight off cancer. Shiitake mushroom came from Japan and China, and it is the most in demand ingredient in any modern and oriental cuisine. They can be bought in the supermarkets, but if you know how to plant mushrooms in the comfort of your own backyard, you will not only save lots of money but you are certain that you will be eating a mushroom that is free from chemicals. The procedures in planting your very own mushrooms are simple enough and some areas of concern that you need to focus on while growing your mushrooms are temperature, amount of rainfall, sunlight exposure, and drying winds.

What You Need To Know About Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening systems can be really tricky and hard to understand. But if you’re really interested in creating a hydroponic garden, here are some things you need to know before you get started.

Recycled Squirrel Feeder – Using Recycled Materials for Squirrel Feeder

Using recycled plastic for a recycled squirrel feeder is not just a smart thing to do, but it is the right thing to do. You can find many different products made from recycled materials and now the wild bird and squirrel industry is going green, too.

Tips on Creating a Beautiful Home Garden

When you have a beautiful home it is a must for you to have a beautiful garden as well. If you have a little front yard and a backyard it is not a difficult task to design them nicely to make them places in which you could relax when the weather permits.

Beautify Your Living Room With Custom Roman Shades

It can be a daunting task for anyone who wishes to renovate the interiors of the home for selecting the furnishing and tapestry. This can be made easy with the variety of custom roman shades and roller shades for windows available.

Planting for Small Gardens

With a small garden space is at a premium and this can be a challenge when choosing what to plant as any plants you choose are going to have to work hard to create harmony and impact. The key to creating a stunning small garden is to adopt a disciplined approach with the idea that less is definitely more and not giving in to clutter. Here is a short guide to what to consider before choosing plants for a small garden.

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