How to Grow Dragonfruit Part 4: Blooming & Pollination πŸ‰πŸ΅οΈ

Use a Greenhouse to Extend the Growing Season

Since the summer months are winding down in most parts of the country it’s time to think about increasing the growing season using a garden greenhouse. Nothing will beat the wintertime doldrums like strolling into a nice sunlit greenhouse on a dark dull wintertime day.

Watering Rockwool Inside an Indoor Grow Box

Correctly watering rockwool in an indoor grow box is very important. Rockwool is the most popular growing medium in hydroponic applications and by following effective watering methodologies you can achieve great results.

5 Plants That Will Make Your Curb Stand Out

Plants that add curb appeal will make your home look more inviting. The key is color to add a beautiful look to your yard. Options are unlimited for different outside plants but perennials make yard work easier. A perennial is a plant that doesn’t need to be taken out of the ground every year and will grow each spring and summer.

What Is Listeria and How Do You Protect Yourself?

Last month experts confirmed nine case of Listeria in the state of Colorado. First indications point the outbreaks to have occurred from infected cantaloupe, although one family member of an infected person claims it had to be the salmon she ate. Officials are still gathering information as to its cause, but as of right now, cantaloupe seems to be the culprit.

Get A Lush Lawn Instantly By Using Lawn Turf

Using turf is the best way to get a lush, green lawn in an instant. If you use grass seed, you will have to wait for some time before it is fully grown. However, you need to keep in mind that laying lawn turf requires careful preparation and proper maintenance.

CFL Grow Bulb – Beware of These Mistakes When Selecting Grow Lights

Do not choose a grow light that runs too hot. Did you know that some grow lights could run as hot as…

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes

The tomato is the most common vegetable in the world, followed closely, or sometimes surpassed, by the potato. Tomatoes need deep fertile soil, regular attention and plenty of water.To start growing tomatoes, choose a location where no tomatoes or other members of their family have grown for the past three or four years. Members of the family include potatoes, peppers, and eggplant.

Artificial Grass – The Preferred Choice

Every year artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Not only it is better for the environment but saves you time and money. You reduce water use and avoid the use of weed killers, pesticides and fertilisers. Artificial grass remains lush, green and attractive in all weather conditions.

Growing Bedding Plants

Growing bedding plants is enjoyable for any gardener whether he is well seasoned or a beginner. Purchasing healthy bedding plants can almost guarantee the gardener will enjoy a beautiful landscape or colorful garden.

How to Apply Garden Fertilizers

Slow-release fertilizers are perfect for your lawn if you want the nutrients let out slowly over a period of time. These fertilizers are commercially produced and on offer at most home and hardware suppliers.

All About Lawn Mowing

Achieving a lush green lawn is not as hard as anyone can think of. The first thing to do is the right choice of herbs that can work well for your soil and climatic conditions. After doing this you need to do regular maintenance and scheduled lawn mowing which, watering, weed control and fertilization.

What Is the Best Way to Mount a Greenhouse Heater?

Learn about the various ways you can mount your greenhouse heater onto your greenhouse. In addition, their pros and cons.

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