How to Grow Lion’s Mane Mushrooms (Recipe Included!)

Recommended Vegetables for the Beginner Food Gardener

Join the urban food movement with these easy-to-grow vegetables for your garden. Read this quick primer for novice vegetable gardeners who may be wondering “What vegetables do you recommend for the beginner?”

How to Plant Tomato Seeds: A Guide to Gardening Tomatoes

Want to learn how to plant tomato seeds successfully? Here are some essential steps for starting tomatoes indoors.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Potting Shed

This always sounds like a hang back to the “Good Life” TV programme but for any keen gardener it is the ultimate in garden luxury. Most sheds are built for storage but the potting shed can have a storage element but its main function is to present an indoor option to enable a good gardener to plant his seeds and then pot them out when they have grown. The options that are needed in this case are somewhat different from the typical shed.

New Potato Salad From Your Garden

There is something immensely satisfying about picking food from your own garden. But then the challenge is to cook or prepare it in a way that makes it even more special.

Gardening Issues: The Weeds Have Taken Over

Prevent weeds before they even make an appearance in your garden. This is critical if you haven’t gotten started yet. After the fact, the presence of weeds can be handled in several ways.

Grow Orchids With Care

How to grow orchids can be easy once you know the proper way to do it. Orchids naturally grow in tropical countries and some varieties can also be found in the Arctic. The reason why these beautiful plants thrive is because of their amazing abilities to adapt in its surroundings. Read for more details.

Rock Gardens And Planting Ideas – Part 2

This has taken a bit longer to write than I had planned, but I think it is worth waiting for. In my last article I finished off by talking about raised beds. So here is part two about rock gardens and planting ideas beginning with Sink or Troughs as rock gardens.

Learn How To Grow Delicious Strawberries With Hydroponics

The hydroponic method of growing strawberries is increasingly accepted worldwide as the previously used traditional method of cultivating strawberries was posing a threat to the environment. This is the most modern technique that has blessed the agriculture industry with more yield and returns. Slowly and gradually the use of hydroponic systems in growing strawberries is increasing due to its promising benefits. Find out more about growing hydroponic strawberries.

How to Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes At Home

Tomato crop is privileged to be the biggest crop that is produced hydroponically all over the world. One of the major benefits of hydroponic tomatoes is their availability throughout the year. They can be produced all the year around. Moreover the yield is 30% to 50% more than the traditional method of growing tomatoes. Learn how to grow delicious tomatoes all year round.

4 Benefits of Using a Kitchen Composter

Kitchen composting can be a very rewarding way to help the environment, reduce your household garbage collection and even save you money. It’s possible to use any variety of containers or bins for kitchen composting or purchase specially designed ones that are airtight in order to prevent any odours from escaping. Convenient Having a kitchen composting bin is a quick and convenient to toss organic scraps like fruits, vegetables, meats and so on.

How To Properly Handle Pests In Your Garden

A quick guide in dealing with pests in your garden. This will help you reduce the chances of infestation.

Light Emitting Diode for Hydroponics

LED (short for light emitting diode) lights are used by plant growers using hydroponics, as an alternatives source of high intensity lighting than consume more power. LED lights may be used for indoor or greenhouse gardening and they provide significant cost and energy savings. Additionally, they are easy to install and may also be used in combination with solar and wind technologies to optimize the efficient use of electricity.

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