How to Grow Loquat Trees and Get a TON of Fruit

The Pros And Cons Of Electric And Petrol Lawnmowers

You will have to think carefully which way to go when considering buying a new lawnmower. Petrol or electric? In all honesty, the main factor influencing the decision will be the extent of your lawn. There might be other issues to shape your choice, but the area of the grass and the distance to the nearest power point are usually decisive.

How to Kill Ivy

Ivy can be a quite attractive addition to a garden, fence or building wall. Or it can be one of the most annoying and also harmful plants to let grow in your garden. Here is how to kill ivy in a few short steps.

Liver Cleansing Herbal Teas

The advent of springtime brings joy to us all. New blossoms and leaves appear, the world seems to wake up and rejuvenate itself and mankind shakes itself and finds joy in all hearts. Well, not really. But close! For me,spring is also a time to rid myself of the body toxin legacy that heavy wintreous food has helped build up. The time for a liver clean-out is at hand.

4 Gardening Items to Ask Santa for This Christmas

For many of us, old man winter has moved in, putting a damper on our outdoor vegetable gardening efforts. While many still continue to grow some herbs, lettuce, spinach and other cooler crops in either outdoor cold frames or on indoor window sills, colder weather also means the Christmas season is upon us.

Organic Gardening: Now Trending

Organic gardening is not brand new. It has been around since the time of ancient civilization.

Fragrance Gardens – See With Your Nose

Many years ago I was involved with setting up a fragrance garden for the residents of a home for sight deprived men and women. My Lions Club was the sponsor and I got co-opted onto the organising committee. Our first task was to decide what plants to incorporate as a precursor to planning the layout and various candidates were propounded; prominent amongst these were the classical scented plants such as lavender, jasmine, roses and several others.

How to Protect Shrubs in Winter

Trees and shrubs are vulnerable to damage during the harsh winter season. Northern part of America experiences very cold winters and it is advisable to protect the shrubs and trees in your garden from potential damage. Cold winters can be really hard on young shrubs and trees. Proper care and maintenance can help these shrubs to survive during the freezing temperatures.

What Cold Frames Are and How They Are Used

The cold frames are typically boxes low to the ground, which are designed to start seeds or grow plants out of the elements. These can be conveniently located near your outdoor garden or by your greenhouse. Years ago, you would have had to build your own from scratch, but today all the parts can be found in kits.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Weeds

Unwanted and nasty weeds can be a nuisance in any garden if they get out of hands. Most of the people use chemicals and other toxic substances to control weeds in their garden. However, there are many other home remedies that can be used for getting rid of unwanted weeds. These home remedies are non-toxic and they are also inexpensive weed killers.

Most Popular Hedge Plants for Your Garden

Hedge plants are very versatile and they can serve many purposes. They are primarily used to create a natural hedge around the house. They can serve as partitions and barriers for privacy. Some hedge plants are also used for ornamental purposes.

Best Season to Plant Trees

A Well designed landscape with thriving plants and trees can be an asset to any property. Majestic trees standing in the yards add to the beauty of any house. Trees take time to mature but once they have grown, they serve many purposes in the garden. Depending on the kind of trees you are planting, they can provide you with fruits, edible nuts, shade and shelter.

The Many Uses of Solar Lights

Of the many kinds of solar lights in the market, solar spot lights are quite popular. You get them in a number of sizes and you will see them at night time functions and even fixed to the bottom of commercial notices and flag poles. They are bright and therefore provide a great deal of security. Spotlights can be extremely handy however there is a great deal of wiring that goes into them. It is the single biggest reason why most people do not like to use them.

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