How To Grow MILLIONS of Plants a Year: Plant Nursery Tour

Garden Hose – The Humble Hose, A Gardener’s Best Friend

The garden hose is one of the most useful items in a garden. It is the one thing that most gardeners can not do without. Imagine having to water the long rows of plants without a hose and you will get an idea about how useful the garden hose is and how very much neglected it is in terms of importance.

The First Consideration When You Grow Your Own Truffles

If you are looking to grow your own truffles, this need not be something that can be particularly difficult if you look to the right places to get information on how to do it. Because if you are looking to plant your own truffle trees, you can grow something really quite worth while, which might be worth something if you persevere with it. If you are looking for the most valued truffles of all then you need to look no further than the white truffle which is usually found in Alba in Italy and Perigord black truffle which…

Killing Fungus Gnats – The Hydroponic Way

Fungus gnats can be a real menace in an otherwise trouble-free hydroponic system; these are small dark flies which have quite distinctive wings and long legs. Since it belongs to the Sciaridae family, it is also known as sciarid flies. These are generally weak flies and tend to hover about near the plants always.

Hydroponic Nutrients – The Three Essential Ones for Maximum Yield

There are so many different hydroponic nutrients and these must be chosen or formulated depending on the need of the plants being cultivated. But there are three essential formulas that are used very commonly for most plants and these include grow and bloom base, enrichment formula and the hydroponics fortifiers. It is important to use a grow and bloom base for your urban garden as this formula contains the base nutrients.

Choosing Hydroponic Stores – Your Destination for Hydroponic Nutrients and Supplies

A lot of thought and attention must go in before choosing hydroponic stores as this is directly related to the amount and quality of yield in your home or organic garden. To get maximum yield, you must ensure that the retail stores that you have chosen stock the best supplies, nutrients and equipment. Today, you have the advantage of choosing hydroponic stores both online as well as at physical locations.

Watering Tips for Your Plants in the Hot Summer Heat

Hot weather is here! Flowers are blooming and vegetables are growing. With all this heat some vegetation is showing signs of stress. How can we help these plants we’ve nurtured to grow? They need to be watered properly.

Aquaponics Business System

An Aquaponics business system is the new form of farming that has taken off in the last few years. This is the raising of aquatic life, mainly fish, for the waste they produce to supply the plants with the nutrients they need to grow.

Herbaceous Perennials – Flower Information

Flowers are very useful to give well wishes on every occasion. Mothers Day is just around the corner, and the best way to remember your mom is with having flowers delivered to her door. Flowers are the God’s oblation on earth.

Your Vegetable Garden Is Talking, Are You Listening?

It is a fact that your home vegetable garden is going to go through ups and downs throughout the growing season. Not just the current season but also over many years. I find in my own experiences that from one year to the next that certain crops do better than others.

Growing A Garden On Your Balcony

If having a garden is of interest, there are ways around the lack of space, and that is to make the most of the available space you do have. Balcony gardening is not without its challenges but it is quite possible to grow a full garden worth of plants, flowers and vegetables.

Maintenance Free Gardens

Most of us that have a garden would love to have more time to maintain it. Unfortunately in today’s rat race we are quite often too busy to give it the attention it deserves. We want to sit in it, BBQ in it and generally enjoy our gardens, but for the elderly or less able and for people who work long hours or for the less green fingered among us, pulling weeds, pruning and grass cutting can be both time consuming and problematic.

If You Are New To Gardening, Try Planting A Celebrity Tomato

Most people that are just getting into tomato gardening are amazed at the many different varieties to choose from for planting. Some are disease resistant, some aren’t. Some taste better than others. So which of the thousands of tomato types is the best choice for beginning gardeners to plant? I’ll show you which one, and why I picked it.

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