How to Grow Potatoes in Buckets: Planting Techniques!

Ways To Take Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant

One of the plants which is looked at with awe for “being lucky” to its bearer is the lucky bamboo plant. Though the lucky bamboo belongs to the lily family, its shape and name make one think it is a bamboo plant.

A Guide To Container Gardening Ideas

There are many advantages to container gardening such as lack of room or space for a full size garden, apartment living or just to decorate your patio area. Container gardening is also ideal if you have very poor soil in your garden, as growing plants in a container can be controlled and easy to tend. Here I have suggested some container gardening ideas that will add color and interest to any area.

Latest Water Garden Trends

Water gardens can be a stunning addition to any space, which are not only visually pleasing, but are also very calming and peaceful. They are generally not very large, and as such can be relatively easy to install and maintain. By following a few simple steps, these can be an attractive feature in any garden.

How to Start Your Own Seed Bank for Organic Gardening

If you’re a beginner organic gardener, you’ll need reliable seed sources to begin your seed bank. Even if you don’t want to save seeds, many people are worried about their seeds sources, wanting to steer clear of genetically modified seeds. So, how do you know that the seeds you’re buying are safe and good for organic production?

Blue Green Algae In Lakes – Pros And Cons Of Photosynthetic Bacteria

Blue green algae is a type of bacteria that can produce their own food through photosynthesis, just like plants do. This is why they are green in color.

Taking Good Care Of Bamboo

Bamboo plants generally do not need much care and can grow reasonably well on their own without much care. Nonetheless, a little care after reaping them would do wonders for your bamboo. Care of bamboo is not rocket science, and you do not have to be a major in botany to be able to care well for your bamboo plant.

The Best Types of Grapes for Growing

Grapes for growing have about 600 different varieties and come in every size and color. Grape growers should compare the qualities of all the types of these fruits before selecting the best grape for growing; or else you will find many difficulties in choosing the type of grape to grow.

Tree Surgery Should Be Undertaken With Care and With Pride

As one becomes more familiar with tree surgery what is immediately evident is the affection that those whose practice it is have for the trees with which they work. Just as the medical surgeon performs complex and often potentially dangerous surgery in order to improve the long-term health of the patient, so the tree surgeon will trim, prune and cut away at disease so as to sustain what would otherwise be a healthy tree and to prolong its overall viability and maybe its life.

Everything You Need to Know About Roots

Beginning gardeners often underestimate the importance of root health. One of the nice things about hydroponics is you can actually see your root system and monitor its condition.

Common Vegetable Problems and How to Solve Them

Once you’ve put your vegetables into the ground there’s still some serious work ahead, not the least of which is coping with vegetable gardening pests and problems. There are so many different potential environmental issues that can cause sickness in your plants or end up with bugs everywhere, that some gardeners just give up and work with herbicides and pesticides. However, bear in mind that you plan on consuming your harvest – so please consider other forms of remediation before grabbing a can of chemicals.

How to Care for Your Rattan Garden Furniture

Hardwearing and durable, rattan garden furniture is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor space. Keep your rattan garden furniture looking as good as new.

Pruning Roses in Winter

This article explains to the reader how to prune the various different types of roses. It explains why you prune, when to do it and how to manage ramblers and climbers. The main reason for pruning roses is to reinvigorate them and produce more flowers.

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