How to Grow Squash | Basic Tips for Incredible Success

Clean Up Your Garden With These Weeding Tips

No doubt that weeding is one of the most despised tasks involved with gardening. It’s no picnic to pull up weeds, but if you neglect weeding then your garden can get overrun with these ugly plants pretty quickly. It’s best to do your weeding every week so you don’t let them pile up too much. I made this mistake one summer and when I finally got around to weeding it took me a full weekend to clear them all out and get my garden looking nice again.

Keep Those Stubborn Weeds Off Your Brick Patio

Weeds can make your garden, yard, and walkways look ugly. But having them on your patio can be the most frustrating, who wants to sit outside for a nice lunch and see a bunch of rotten weeds sticking up? Fear not, because there are a few tools and techniques you have at your disposal to keep those pesky critters off your brick patio.

Low Maintenance Landscaping – Have a Beautiful Garden With Less Work

Not enough time for gardening? The answer could be low maintenance landscaping. By following these tips for easy care yard maintenance and low maintenance plants, you too can plan a yard that is attractive, with beautiful flowers and shrubs all without hours of work each and every week.

What Type of Greenhouse Cover to Use

If you are going to do something, make sure that you do it right. So no effort, time and money are wasted on your endeavor. Thus, if you have plans of having a greenhouse in your backyard, make sure that you are able to do it right such as getting the right greenhouse cover for it. It is crucial that you get the right material to cover your greenhouse.

Planting Garlic – When and How to Plant

Garlic is a great crop for your garden. It’s very healthy, easy to grow, and beneficial for other plants. Learn when and how to plant it for best results.

The History of the Farmers Market

This article defines The Farmers Market. It tells their history. It also list ten of the best Farmers Markets.

Why Choose Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers come from materials such as animal manure, kitchen scraps, vegetable scraps, fruit peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, grass clippings, newspapers, magazines, cardboards and any other materials that are biodegradable. One characteristic of organic fertilizers is that they are slow in releasing nutrients because materials need to be broken down first. It is good in such a way that going beyond the needed nutrients can be dangerous for the plants.

Tips in Using Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are very useful for plants. Aside from the fact that they are natural and no chemicals are added to them, these are also helpful in maintaining the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil. It further adds more nutrients such as nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and more.

How to Properly Cultivate Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms will need dedication and a considerable amount of time from you since they need different requirements to grow compared with an ordinary crop. You can choose from the different mushroom varieties that are available in the market. You also need to consider your budget before buying a mushroom kit since some varieties are more expensive compared with others.

How to Grow on Cocopeat Grow Slabs

Below are two different guidelines for using Soilteck cocopeat slabs. These come from experienced growers who have been using Soilteck cocopeat slabs for many years. Keep in mind that these are all guidelines, and there will be variations depending upon your greenhouse, and location.

Growing a Family Vegetable Garden

A great way to bring the family together is to plan and plant a vegetable garden together. Everyone can have a different area of responsibility.

The Heirloom Garden – Perpetuating the Cycle of Life

I hope with this article to share a perspective that will present a few common sense reasons for considering the heirloom garden. When I was a boy, I remember when my mother explained to me the definition of a mule. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.

Create a Wildflower Garden Habitat

A wildflower garden conjures mixed messages on paper. After all, wild flowers are, well… wild, aren’t they?

Herbs Glossary

There are several types of herbs. One of the most common classifications is according to their use. We can have aromatic, culinary, ornamental and medicinal herbs.

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