How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in Containers Pt. 1 | Planting, Soil, & Varieties

Top Reasons For Planting a Rose Garden

The beautiful flowers are the main reason for planting a rose garden. Roses have been popular throughout the ages.

Herb Garden Designs – Brief History

People long ago do not care about their intent or design when it comes to gardening, especially about herb garden designs. What they care most is about the usefulness of that herb, whether as dye, tea, seasoning or medicine.

Good Rose Sense

Roses are the most popular of all flowers. They captivate gardeners by the variety of their colors, shapes, and perfumes. They can be grown with ease and produce beautiful flowers.

What Causes Black Spots on Tomatoes?

The question of what causes black spots on tomatoes is a vexing one for a lot of gardeners. In fact, the fruit of a growing tomato plant can develop more than one kind of black spot, and there are several possible causes.

Home Herb Garden – More and More People Are Enjoying This Wonderful Hobby

More and more people are taking up the hobby of growing a home herb garden. There are many available products that make growing a simple, easy-care garden right at home a cinch even for the very beginner.

Choosing Plastic Or Clay Pots For Plants

Majority of the gardeners have their preferences when it comes to the choice of plastic or clay pots for plants. Probably it is because of the advantages as well disadvantages of both these types.

Which Kind of Lawn Mower is Right For You?

So many choices, so little time! Read on to learn to evaluate and choose the correct type of lawn mower for your home.

Tips to Get Wonderful Color Into a Great Garden

Whenever spring time rolls around, most people will look at the garden and decide that it needs a revamp. This article highlights the way in which organic bulbs not only look good but they also help the environment by being produced without chemicals or producing waste.

Pruning Basics Lesson #3 – Types of Pruning, Cuts, and How to Make Them

Much of the pruning that you are going to do is going to be based on the location of the various buds that have the ability to grow after the cuts are made, and/or the active cellular area where cell division will seal the wound. The only times that the location for pruning is unimportant is when you are simply shearing a hedge or bush, and perhaps when cosmetically thinning or grooming an already developed topiary or bonsai.

5-Step Greenhouse Plans

In this article, you are going to learn about 5 important steps you will find in almost all greenhouse blueprints. When building a greenhouse, having greenhouse plans has proven to be fundamental to success.

How to Grow Your Own Delicious Produce

There’s something truly wonderful about planting a tiny seed, watching it grow into a healthy plant and then harvesting the produce to feed your family. The sense of achievement and satisfaction will leave you beaming, and hopefully those around you, too.

Compost As an Alternative to Chemical Fertilizer

Gardeners and Farmers have often relied on the use of chemical fertilizers to increase their production. Now there is an alternative, a natural alternative that friendly to the environment.

Vertical Gardening For Children

Vertical gardening has a lot to offer the space deprived gardener. As our dwellings seem to become larger and the surrounding open space reduced, the need to turn open space into green space is even more pressing. A sad part of this loss of space is the lost opportunity for gardens and gardening, particularly for the children in our communities.

Building a Backyard Greenhouse – 4 Things You Must Consider Before You Start Building

Building a backyard greenhouse is what you really need if you are truly a gardening enthusiast. Having a backyard greenhouse is like having your very own secret place where you only go to get away from stress and relax.

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