How to Harvest, Wash, and Dry Your Greens Quickly

Window Planters – Setting Your Home at Its Best

Giving life and beauty inside and out of your home can be as easy as putting in it some decorative features like window planters. Window planters are a great way to set your home in its full elegance. They accentuate natural beauty and color to any place of your home. They can actually be built and customized by yourself and are relatively cheap to purchase. They are the latest mode in container gardening which defy the problem of having a small or very limited space to create a garden. They can be classified in two types: indoor and outdoor window planters.

Growing Tulip Flowers

How to grow tulips Tulips are one of the most attractive flowers and also one of the easiest to grow, making them a very popular flower amongst home growers. Tulips grow from bulbs, and the best time for them to bloom is of course in the spring. This means they must be planted in the autumn time.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Tall (Tower) Vase

There are many different types of tall vase but here we are concerned with “tower” vases. This is a specific type of tall vase which is a long, thin cylinder, usually at least a foot tall, sometimes as much as two or even three feet tall, and which comes in a variety of different coloured glasses and styles. Tower vases are good for putting in places where people gather and talk – for example at a dinner table or hotel reception area.

How to Get Rid Of Voles – Tips To Rid Your Garden Of Voles

Voles cause damage in many gardens. These 5 tips will help you learn how to get rid of voles in the garden.

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners – Why Growing Your Own Garden Is The Right Choice

It is not as difficult as you think to get started with vegetable gardening for beginners. You can grow many plants that will save you money on your food bill and give you the pleasure of knowing you grew it yourself. It takes a little patience, work, and planning, but you can create a vegetable garden in your yard easily.

Best Organic Fertilizer – What Is It, And Is It Really Expensive?

Simply because I was raised in Central Florida’s advantageous climate, I discovered how to take advantage of excellent expanding conditions during the whole year. I recall exactly how my grandma and grandpa, each avid landscapers, accustomed to keep a sizable container on the kitchen counter-top. The objective of the pot ended up being to collect meals leftovers which would eventually be included to their own fertilizer heap.

What Is a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed?

Raised vegetable garden Bed is a widely known gardening method used for centuries now. People in the past use this form of gardening in places where their native soil is not suitable for planting. Now, our generation is using it as a form of landscaping, this method is so popular not just because it beautifies your surrounding but it also yields high quality crops or plants. It’s considered as the best way of planting because no matter what you plant in them it will surely yield good results.

Care of Bonsai Trees – Getting Into Shape By Cutting and Pinching

Sooner or later your bonsai tree is going to require pruning to keep it in shape. When the time comes for that very crucial aspect of care of bonsai trees it is essential you know what you are doing.

Understanding Soil pH and Nutrient Availability

Soil pH range is very important in having a productive garden. It is what controls the availability of most nutrients that plant life need to thrive. A healthy soil is one that is fertile and has good structure.

Enjoy Miniature Gardens in Your City Home With Cedar Window Boxes

When you live in tall buildings, don’t be saddened by the thought that you don’t possess any land or ground area where you can cultivate your plants. Despite the non-existence of a soiled surface, you can still relish the pleasures of gardening when you possess the right gardening equipment. Cedar window boxes, for instance, will allow you to possess and enjoy the pleasures of miniature gardens in your contemporary and high-rise residence.

Bonsai Pinus – A Guide For Tending Black Pine Bonsai

The bonsai pinus is a very popular bonsai tree. Read through this short article to find the ins and outs of keeping a bonsai pinus.

How To Plant Potatoes – Tips For Planting And Growing A Successful Crop of Potatoes In Your Garden

Do you want to save money and try your hand at growing potatoes in the garden? If you plan to try your hand growing some white potatoes in the garden, here are a couple of pointers to help you learn how to plant potatoes.

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