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3 Methods to Artificially Light Your Orchid

Does your orchid get enough light? Learn here, in easy to understand steps, how normal daylight can be supplemented by artificial light to give your orchid the correct lighting conditions it needs to remain healthy.

Advantages of Different Orchid Pots

When deciding what type of pot to use for your orchids it’s important to understand how the pot and the growing medium affect the plant. Here are some options to consider.

Tending and Handling Rose Bushes

If we think of a flower with beauty and popularity, the rose would always be first in our list. Have you considered tending and handling rose bushes? Is it easy? And what can you derive from it? Our basic gardening knowledge is a must for us to be successful in our desire to tend and handle rose bushes.

Digital Ballasts Are the Grow Lights of Tomorrow

Indoor grow lights have been used by growers for years. And over the years the grow light technology has gotten better and better, producing lights that produce even more light energy than lights of the past, and many times while using a lower amount of energy. People have always used magnetic or mechanical ballasts until recently. This type of ballast was all that was available until the last few years when digital ballasts were introduced.

Adding Value With an Artificial Lawn

It is a well known fact that there are many benefits to having a lawn. It can add significant value to a home and it looks attractive if it is well kept and neat.

Tomato Plant Diseases – How to Win the Battle

So go talk to people at your local market, nurseries and gardening fairs and see what they know. Find out what diseases, if any, are prevalent in the area and if there are some then plant a variety that is resistant to that disease.

How to Care For Orchids – Three Steps to Success

How to care for orchids? This article describes how to make orchid care easy by following three simple steps. Take a fresh look at orchid care.

5 Tips on Watering Your Orchids

Learn how to water your orchid and keep it healthy. Here you will discover firstly, the importance of water to orchids in their natural habitat and secondly, how to replicate those water conditions for your home grown orchid. This information, which is vital to the health of your orchid, is delivered in a set of easy to understand tips.

Three Types of Grow Lights

Light causes the most challenge to the residential orchid grower. We will break the subject of orchid lighting into three types.

Creating a Container Garden

If you want to add some drama to small space, why not create your own container-garden? It’s easy to do, and there are numerous varieties of flowers and flower combination that you can try. The flowers vary in height, color and dimension so; you’ll find it enjoyable to experiment and discover the look you love.

How to Use Dutch Leach Trays

An inexpensive and simple way to set up a hydroponic drip system is to use Dutch leach trays, which are also called rockwool grow trays. Dutch leach trays are especially useful if you have rooted cuttings in small rockwool cubes and are ready to transfer them to slabs, which are the perfect size for the trays.

Important Information to Know Before Buying Your First Orchid

This article covers some general history and important facts to understand about orchids before purchasing your first orchid. Includes information on popular orchid species, light and water requirements, and potting. This article will give you a good understanding of basic orchid needs.

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