How to Improve Soil and Build an In-Ground Garden Bed

Garden Ornaments – Information to Make Your Garden Beautiful

In today’s world, everybody has a lot of tensions and anger building inside them. To avoid that they always look for a place to relax.

Choosing the Right Tiller for Your Home Vegetable Garden

My dad’s tool of choice for his garden was his trusty pitchfork, which he has since passed on to me. While I love using the pitchfork and digging in the dirt, nothing speeds up cultivating the soil faster than using a tiller. A good tiller will turn any large cultivating job into a quick one. However there are features and benefits you should be on the lookout for so that you do not pick the wrong one and get one that is either too small or too large for what you need.

Best Aquaponics Backyard Set Up For Small Space

The utilisation of space is one of the greatest advantage of an aquaponics system. Why is this so? There are different methods of it’s set up that make it great and easy to do. If you have a very small space you can still set up an aquaponics system there.

The Optimal Placement of Bird Houses Around Your Garden

One of the best and easiest things you can do to help birds is to install a bird house or houses around your garden or yard. Bird houses afford protection from predators such as raccoons and other birds, as well as shelter from wind, rain, cold snaps and spring snowstorms. If I were a baby bird, I’d sure feel a lot more secure inside a warm, dry enclosure, especially while waiting for Mom and Pop to return with snacks.

What Is the Purpose of Rotating Crops in My Home Vegetable Garden?

We all know that plants can get diseases that can not only affect the soil, but the home grown vegetable crops placed in this area for years to come. Crop rotation can be effective in discouraging pests and preventing soil-borne diseases (especially those that are attracted to specific plants) in vegetable gardens and annual beds.

Composting – Nature’s Way of Plant Nutrition

Yes, you can actually do it! With a little bit of experience and some sweat you can start your own compost pile. You will be greatly rewarded for following natures way of providing much needed nutrients for your plants, trees and vegetables. Don’t won’t any longer.

Growing Asparagus – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Asparagus is one of the best tasting vegetables that you can grow. It takes almost three years for a asparagus bed to fully mature but the wait will be worth it. Asparagus beds will keep producing for up to thirty years and will require hardly any care once established. Read on and learn how you can start growing your own asparagus today.

Plant Warm Season Vegetables In March to Beat Summer Heat

Without a real winter in Southern California this year, gardeners can expect plenty of sunny days in March to prepare garden soil and plant warm season vegetables and flowers. Prepare Garden Soil: If you aren’t a year-round gardener, chances are good that not much has been done to your garden soil since last summer. It’s easy to get soil back in shape by adding organic amendment.

How to Make Stepping Stones

How to make stepping stones the easy and affordable way. Custom stepping stones that simulate boulders using simple and cheap building materials.

Agave Care and Fun Facts

What can prolong the life of your prized agave? Did you know that tequila is made from agaves and the history behind the worm?

How Do I Make a Garden Gnome Tree?

Making a garden gnome tree is easy and is a lot of fun too. Choose a single tree in the garden to be a home for ones lawn gnomes,  then a little magical world of its own can be created without affecting the look of your whole garden. The tree chosen for creating a gnome tree should have potential for creating a place of magic and mystery which is what suits gnomes best. A gnome door can be easily obtained or hand-made and attached to the base of the tree with a co

The Best Plants for Vertical Gardens

You can grow many varieties of plants with a vertical garden plan. Flowers, greenery, vegetables and fruit can all do well with vertical gardening techniques – and most of the time, yield more than a traditional, horizontal garden space.

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