How to Pinch Seedlings for Fuller Growth & Higher Yields! πŸ‘ŒπŸŒΏ// Garden Answer

Orchid Potting – How to Repot an Orchid in 7 Easy Steps

Orchid potting is not as frightening as it may sound. However if it’s time to repot, make sure you follow these 7 steps for maximum success.

Orchid Fertilizer – How to Select the Best Orchid Fertilizer

If you think using orchid fertilizers is like feeding a child, where if you give them all the nutrients they need, they’ll flourish, think again! Read this article to discover exactly what you should focus on and what you should buy.

Orchid Care Instructions – A Proven Checklist for Mastering Orchid Care

Orchids have a reputation as being hard to care for, but that’s actually not the case. If you follow these orchid care instructions, you’ll quickly and easily succeed with your orchids!

How Often to Water Orchids?

Knowing how often water orchids are one of the more challenging issues with raising orchids for many newbies. Check out this helpful guide and easy directions on how often water orchids.

Orchid Supplies – 9 Supplies You Need for Orchid Growing Success

As an orchid grower, you’re only as good as your orchid supplies. Use this simple checklist to make sure you have exactly what you need to grow healthy, beautiful orchids.

Hosta Divide and Conquer

This article will teach you exactly how and when to divide your Hosta. Tips on planting your Hosta so it’s true beauty shines out for all to see.

How to Start a Garden and Get the Best Grass Lawn

Most of us feel that our garden should make and be a lovely setting for the home and provide an extension of our living room. Indoors, the first thing you have to do is sweep and scrub the floors in a new house. In the garden, you must first clear the ground and remove the debris. This is the worst job of all when you want to know how to start a garden, but you should not try to rush it. Do not, for instance be in a hurry to get rid of broken bricks and other rubble – stack it in a heap.

Orchid Types – The Top 10 Most-Popular Types of Orchids

With literally thousands of orchid types to choose from, how can you pick the one that’s right for you? That’s why to help you pick the perfect plant, here’s a “Top 10” rundown of the most popular types of orchids.

How To Aviod Pythium Blight, Fire Blight & Shotgun Fungus In Your Garden

Pythias blight will easily be discovered in the early sunrise. You’ll be able to easily appreciate the fungus on the top side of the lawn as lily-white candyfloss. You can easily find this fungus primarily along driveways and patios, where the soil is damp.

Name That Plant – The Misuse of Trademarks in Horticulture

Learn about the difference between a trademark and a proper botanical plant name. Learn how trademarks make the horticulture industry more complicated and less flexible.

The Proper Guide to Plant Pruning – When and Why

Learn how to properly prune a shrub. Green meatballs should be saved for spaghetti.

Compost Shake From Kitchen Scraps

Make a compost shake for your potted plants. Get tips and ideas for feeding potted plants inside and out.

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