How to Plant Fruit Trees In-Ground and Containers | Ultimate Guide!

12 Tips to Get Your Kids Gardening

Gardening is such a great activity to get your kids involved with. It teaches them responsibility and promotes a caring attitude. It also burns up plenty of energy. So take these 12 tips and give it a go you might be surprised by the outcome.

Gardening Bulbs – Helpful Hints of the Planting Flower Bulbs That Will Blossom in Summer

Advices and tips about planting of the flower bulbs that will bloom from June to October. You will learn easy steps to follow to see your flowers healthy and garden blossoming.

The Secret to Growing Plants

There is more to being able to grow plants than merely chucking a plant in a hole and walking away from it. Like any hobby or pastime, skills must be learned in order to be able to accomplish the desired results. The secret to growing plants comes down to common sense, patience and observation.

Beautify Your Home With Plants, Flowers and Herbs

Nothing is more beautiful than home grown plants. Flowers, plants and herbs make an excellent addition to any size home. From homes with yards large enough for gardens to simple flower boxes on decks or patios, gardening is rewarding. The basics of growing plants are actually quite simple, so starting a garden isn’t as daunting a task as you might believe, especially if there are resources like software available to help you plan.

Container Growing

Container growing is a fun and easy way to grow many fresh organic fruit and vegetables. It is a great way to introduce children to gardening and organic food and how it is grown and it can be a fun hobby for you all to enjoy.

Easy to Do Garden and Lawn

Designing and implementing your garden or lawn plan is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a home. From large showy gardens to simple flower beds or rock gardens, the options for designing your lawn and garden are almost endless. Easy to care for plants make it possible for even ‘newbies’ to perfectly execute a gorgeous landscape design while those with more experience can opt for garden and other features that require more know-how and care. The perfect garden and lawn is a simple matter of designing, executing and maintaining.

Mulching – No Weeding & Other Benefits

Mulching adds a layer of organic or inorganic material to your garden beds. Beside the beautiful visual effect it has on your garden (especially when wood chip or coloured bark has been used), it benefits the soil, enhances plant growth and it reduces gardening chores, such as regular weeding.

Using the Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Grower – 3 Great Tips For Success!

If you enjoy experimenting with cool gadgets and creative gardening methods, the Topsy Turvy upside down tomato grower is one planter you should have in your collection. Since your friends probably won’t expect to see a tomato plant growing down from the rafters rather than up from the ground, hanging one of these planters near a patio seating area is sure to be a conversation starter – even more so if your plant is loaded with ripe red fruit! However, there are a few tricks to growing great tomatoes in a Topsy Turvy. Read on to discover 3 tips to using an upside down tomato grower successfully.

The Concept of Square Foot Gardening

First off, let me say that the concept of square foot gardening has never really penetrated my radar as I have never been short of garden space. Yet, I often see it (square foot gardening) mentioned and just glanced at it and moved on to what I was after to read up on. My mistake!

Garden Waste Recycling – What to Do With Your Green Waste Surplus?

Every home gardener or commercial gardener knows how hard it sometimes can be to compost all green waste materials that have accumulated over a season or even years. What can we do if we have an excess in garden waste without necessarily dumping it into our landfills and cause environmentally harm?

Weeds and Lawn Preventers

Weeds are divided into two classifications: broadleaf (dicot) and grassy (monocot). They are then subdivided into annual or perennial, and further, according to growth style such as clumps or patches. Annual weeds come up just once each season; the plant then dies and the same plant will never grow again.

Tips on Watering Your Garden Effectively

This article discusses how important it is to water your garden and the problems that come up, such as the water not soaking into the soil. It also talks about improving your soils water holding capacity and how to improve the infiltration of your soil.

What Are the Advantages of Organic Gardening in the Backyard?

Organic gardening is one option for your backyard garden. Learn what advantages that it will provide you.

An Introduction to Using Raised Beds

Before discussing how using raised beds can prove to be beneficial for you, it is necessary to first understand the advantages of the raised bed. In this regard it is quite obvious that such beds are very versatile and also easily used and offer a number of benefits that the conventional garden bed cannot offer.

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