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The Shed Revolution

In the past few years the garden shed has completely changed from just a place to store the garden equipment in such as the lawn mower, grass feed, hedge cutters and the kid’s summer toys. They are no longer just small huts that gather dust and cobwebs over the winter months.

Organic Rose Gardening – The Healthy and Safe Way of Gardening

Have you heard of organic roses? Just to give you a heads up, organic gardening basically means that no chemicals that may be harmful to living organisms and the environment will be used in cultivating your plants.

New Garden Furniture – Enhance Your Garden

Garden furniture can enhance the whole appearance of your garden. Not only can it be practical in it’s uses, it can become the centre piece to all the hard work and endevours in getting your garden in tip top shape.

Do Not Rush Your Spring Planting

Each year for those of us in the Northern areas of the country cannot wait to get outside and get working on our gardens and lawns. Probably the single largest mistake is starting too early. Despite all the newspaper articles telling us the last frost date is May 15th or May 30th, a few abnormal 70 degree days and warm sun just forces us to get out there and till the soil.

A Short Guide on Growing Climbing Roses

Because of its incomparable beauty, brilliant colors, and exceptional growth, climbing roses are one of the most popular plants in the garden. Even though it’s called climbing roses, garden experts clarify that, unlike vines, they are not real climbing plants.

Organic Weed Control That Benefits the Soil

Cover crops are a beneficial way to control weeds and improve the soil structure of your gardens soil. They are an organic method of preventing weed seeds from germinating.

Tips on Growing the Best Tomatoes This Year

When the weather starts to get warmer many home gardeners think about how to start up and improve their garden. And one of the most popular plants to grow is tomatoes. The idea of big, fresh, juicy red tomatoes right of the vine is inviting. And it is a healthy way to add delicious vegetables to your meals.

Silver Lace Vine – Quickly Cover Bare Spots With Fragrant White Flowers Spring Through Summer

The silver lace vine has small lacy flowers that spread its delightful fragrance from summer to fall. The vine leaves are heart-shaped and purple when young, turning bright green when mature.

Small Garden Design – Pre Planning Help

I believe that, when it comes to designing a garden to fit into a smaller space, there are a couple of common sense things you should do first. One is to measure exactly how much space you have before you begin planning. While this may sound too elementary to even mention, you might be surprised at how many gardeners simply “eye-ball” the space and start planting.

Balcony Gardening – An Oasis in the Sky

Growing urbanisation has caused a growing number of people to turn their sky high stamp-sized balcony into a green oasis amongst the clouds. This isn’t somewhere you can pat down a few inches of top soil or roll out the turf so what should you do to transform this space into you own little paradise?

The Best Time to Plant Strawberries

Kids and adults love strawberry flavored ice creams and sherbets. To have a bountiful strawberry harvest, take good care of the plants and follow proper timing for planting the strawberries.

Learn From the Masters With Bonsai Books

It’s easy to get caught up in picture bonsai books. These small trees never fail to evoke peaceful and relaxing sensations because of their aesthetically pleasing appearances. Truly, it would be a wonderful fantasy to stroll through avenues of beautiful mini trees. The beauty of this ancient art is perhaps the main reason why lots of people want to learn how to replicate what the masters do.

Reduce Your Pain by Getting a Compostumbler

Reduce any backaches you get from turning your compost heap by getting a compostumbler. Since your humus need to be aerated or turned at least once a week you can end up with pains in your arms, legs and back. The larger the heap, the worse the pain.

Uncover the Benefits of a Compost Turner

A compost turner has many benefits over an uncovered pile of homemade humus. We will discuss some of the reasons why a person with even a small backyard would find a unit like this to be useful.

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