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Tips for Repotting Orchids

If repotting your orchids sounds scary, here is some help. Simply follow this guide and you will soon get the hang of it and it won’t be scary anymore.

Care For Orchids

Orchids are normally considered as fragile and delicate plants that need proper care and maintenance. That is why, orchid growing is done usually by specialized gardeners and hobbyists. These people have years of experiences and skills to maintain the reputation of these beautiful flowers.

Making the Most of Your Home Grown Herbs

Perhaps you’ve started your own herb garden and you’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow into mature plants, and who could blame you, considering just how useful herbs really are. However, if you really want to get the most out of your herb garden, then you need to be willing to do a little bit of work first.

Essential Guidelines to Growing Your Phal Orchid

Essential guidelines for growing successful Phalaenopsis orchids. Article looks at the increased popularity of Phal’s with information on types, environment, watering, humidifying, lighting and maintaining optimal temperature to care for them.

The Stunning Japanese Maple Bonsai

The Japanese maple bonsai is one of the most popular of all bonsai trees due to its low level of maintenance, stunning appearance and accessibility. This bonsai is native to Japan, China and Korea, originating from the full size red maple trees which were found throughout Japan during the early nineteenth century.

Properly Caring For Phalaenopsis Orchids

Caring for orchids including Phalaenopsis Orchids require five conditions to be met in order for the plant to thrive, light, temperature, water, humidity, fertilizer, and re-potting occasionally. Knowing the right amount of each can help you keep your plant healthy and beautiful.

Buffalo Lawn Care and How to Look After Your St Augustine Lawn

Buffalo Turf Grass (also known as St Augustine grass in North America) is a warm season turf grass made very popular in Australia with the relatively new soft leaf Buffalo varieties such as Shademaster (in the 1980s) and Sir Walter Buffalo (in the 1990s). Just for a quick categorization: There are two (2) types of grasses, that is, cool season grasses and warm season turf grasses.

Orchids – All Your Necessary Information

Orchids are quickly gaining momentum as one of the world’s fastest rising stars in the flower world, and why not? With the right amount of love and care, they are very easy to grow, keep and maintain.

Tips For Watering Orchids

Water imperative to a plant’s health. Possibly even more important than the sunlight they feed on, and the soil they are planted in.

Trees Damaged by Summer’s Record-Breaking Heat and Minimal Rainfall

Months of dry, hot temperatures can start a lethal chain of events for trees during the Fall and into next Spring. Just imagine what would happen if you were stranded in the desert for days without water. It’s the same for trees.

Hotels – Start Composting and Make it Known, Will You?

I’m staying at a hotel in New Jersey this week, and like usual I’m wondering if the place composts their food waste. I was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philly and one of the managers was running a full-on compost program…who else is doing this? Let it be known.

An Heirloom Vegetable Beauty – The Asparagus Pea

The asparagus pea is easy to grow, beautiful in the garden, and delicious on the plate. And, as a legume, it improves your garden soil. Few vegetable plants have so much to recommend them, but are so rarely grown. This article shows you how to add this heirloom vegetable to your garden.

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