How to Propagate Peperomia: 2 Easy Methods

Mutant Bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country

I’ve written about the Native American legends and medicinal uses of Texas Hill Country wildflowers and also about the most prevalent of the flowers; this year I will swallow my pride as a UT grad and talk about the creation of the maroon bluebonnet some call aggie bonnets, as well as the other mutant colors whose birth has paved the way for bluebonnets to become a multi-million dollar domesticated bedding plant. Domesticating bluebonnets was the initial brainchild of terminally ill Carroll Abbott who wanted a Texas flag made entirely of multi-colored bluebonnets for the 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial. Abbott aka Mr….

Indoor Gardening Offers An Entirely Doable Process Once You Become Aware Of Hydroponics

Maybe you’ve read the term “hydroponics gardening,” and found it appealing but need to know more before signing on to it. This kind of gardening is especially appealing to those who want to grow plants or vegetables and may not have the outdoor space available to do it in. An intriguing aspect of this sort of growing is that it is accomplished without the aid of soil, and that’s a plus for many gardeners. The idea that you can grow virtually any variety of flora without soil makes this kind of gardening ideal for indoor implementation, and it can even be performed in your home.

Items You Need For Your Own Indoor Garden

If you are starting your own indoor garden for the first time, you will need to be prepared. Indoor gardening can be a fantastic hobby, and a great way to grow flowers and plants all year long. With advancing technology, gardening indoors is easier than ever before. Getting the right materials for your garden, and learning the whole process will be key. Finding guides and researching indoor gardening books to get you started will help you learn how to raise gardens indoors. Fertilizers, pots, starter packages, and the best lighting will be just a few of the items you will need to start.

What You Should Know About Honey Fungus in Layman’s Terms

You should be taking action now before next years growth season as advised by both the Forestry Commission and The Royal Horticultural Society. This is with reference to the very real threat of a fungal attack to your gardens mature trees, plants, and shrubs. Removal of tree stumps is imperative to the control of an attack of honey fungus. Pickers of wild mushrooms are combing our forests this time of year, so it would seem obvious to minimise fungal growth within our own gardens. Those of us who live around the Thetford Forest area are accustomed to the sight of row upon row of uprooted tree stumps within a harvested sector of the forest. The Forestry Commission incurs great expense with this activity which is unique to the Anglian region owing to the endemic regional persistance of fungal attack to saplings and indeed mature trees. Further The Royal Horticultural Society also advises stump removal for the self same reasons. Ignore this professional advice at your gardens peril.

Spa in the Garden – Growing Fragrant Plants

The use of aromatic herbs and plants for medicinal purpose dates back to the early Egyptian era. Romans and Greeks also constructed aromatic gardens in the early years for their timeless beauty and fragrance. Aromatherapy therapy is quite effective and popular till date and people do not mind spending money for the therapeutic effects of fragrant herbs, flowers and essential oils.

9 Fun Ways to Stretch Your Bird Feeding Dollar

Have you seen the price of black oil sunflower seeds?! In our neck of the woods the cost has more than doubled since last year.

Growing Wild Flowers in Your Home Garden

Native and wild flowers are a treat to the eyes and can be easily spotted in meadows and valleys amidst the mountains. The beauty of these flowers surpasses everything in the surrounding area and you cannot help but wonder how intricate yet amazing God’s creation is…

Hydroponics: The Future Of Farming

Hydroponics is the method of growing virtually any plant without embedding it in soil. A few centuries ago, botanists realized that plants absorb nutrients via the water that soaks the soil around their roots.

Garden Furniture

Dressing one’s garden is a thing that people love to do. The way we dress our garden will always depend on the style of the garden, the ambient weather, whether we seek shade or sun and of course our budget.

Water Orchids the Right Way

This article talks about watering orchids the right way, including water requirements of your orchids according to different seasons and different temperature and weather conditions. It talks about many ways of watering orchids and how to tell if your orchid is being over-watered or under-watered; misting and when to mist depending on temperature and humidity. Further more, the article talks about when and how to use fertilizer and ends with a suggestion on watering frequency.

Hibiscus Flower: Growing Your Own

Hibiscus flower is one of those showy shrubs that greet you at most tropical and subtropical airports around the world. The colors of hibiscus flower tempt the photographer and the artist with dazzling yellows, ruby reds, deep peach, intense white with dark red centers. Some petal edges of the flower are smooth and some ruffled. Some flowers are huge and others are more diminutive. They provide a panorama of color and can be grown at home.

Garden Tools

Get to know about garden tools and other aspects related to gardening. Designing your garden is most likely a personal statement of style.

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