How to Prune a Loquat Tree + Fall 2018 Garden Plans 🌴

Flowerboxes: Revealing the Wonders of Raised Bed Gardening

Gardening is more than a hobby for many. It’s a passion that soon becomes a lifestyle. Innovations in home improvement pave the way back to the traditional yet efficient way of propagating flowers and ornaments in the backyard – raised bed gardening.

Hibiscus In A Flower Box: Accenting Home Elegance From Nature’s Gift

Another wonder of nature is found in the humble existence of a flower-bearing plant called Hibiscus. This tropical shrub ranges from two inches to one foot in height. Hibiscus has different sub-species that can be classified according to their color and speed of propagation. The most common colors of Hibiscus are red, pink and yellow; but it also comes in lavender, bluish tone, white, brown, gold and red that some people call them black. Hibiscus plant if cared properly, can accentuate long-lasting beauty to our home.

Crunchy Container Carrots

Carrots are the last thing people expect to come from a container! You can grow them as well as you can in the garden where they take up a lot of room for a long time. The key is choosing the right type of carrot for the container you plan to use. Ideally plan to use the shorter, stumpy varieties of carrot.

Window Planters – Remarkable Masterpiece of All Time

Flowers can boost both the aesthetic and structural landscape of the entire place. For some, it brings unexplained healing and calming sensations that penetrate their whole being. For them, flowers would always play an integral part of their existence, such reality has convinced them to build even just a small garden where these colorful flowers could flourish and bloom. Indeed, you can observe thriving gardens both inside and outside their premises. Nowadays, you can even see them as great display along busy highways, porches, patios and decks. Moreover, some gardeners have loved the idea of placing flowers on their windows to create and highlight its solid wall frameworks. This concept has paved way for the creation of window planters, which has also been considered a significant development in the planter making industry.

How to Start Growing a Veggie Garden

The growing season is coming quickly and you’re probably thinking about growing a veggie garden. You’re not the only one. More and more people are finding the many rewards of growing their own vegetables. Still a newbie gardener may possibly want some help setting up their garden in the best way possible. This article was written to help you make sense of it all.

How To Get Green Grass By Following Some Simple Techniques

Whether you are planting a new lawn or maintaining an existing one, you want it to look its best. Most professional advice on how to get green grass includes addressing some basic requirements as a foundation for good growth and vibrant colour. With regular care, you can have a lawn that is the envy of your neighbours.

Got Japanese Beetles? You Need Catbirds!

Do you have grasshoppers, beetles, including Japanese beetles, caterpillars, ants, cicadas or termites? Entice catbirds to your yard, and you will have natural insect controllers to take out those destructive, annoying and plant-damaging bugs. And, if one day you hear a strange ‘mew’ coming from your shrubs or hedges, you will have hit the jackpot!

Growing Lettuces at Home

Lettuce is an indispensable salad “vegetable” and one that is reasonably easy to grow at home – especially if you grow them from seedlings. There are three or four main types of lettuce, head lettuce (also called crisp-head lettuce head), lovely soft-leafed butter-head and loose-leaf (both of which may be more loosely referred to as leaf lettuce), and cos or romaine (which is generally more coarse in texture and not as sweet as most other lettuce types).

Gardening Plants – The Aesthetic Value Of Herbs

When we hear the word herbs, the first thing that crosses in our minds is their medicinal value. Other people would also think about their culinary value as well as their aromatic worth. Only a few would think that herbs are so versatile that they are also great ornamental plants. In fact, if you have a small area to be develop, herbs are highly recommended as gardening plants so that you will not only have the ornamental value of these plants, you will also have their medicinal, aromatic and culinary worth.

Preparing the Soil for Planting

In order to have a successful garden, it is necessary to provide soil that is friable, well drained and with a high organic material content. The success of the garden is all in the preparation of the soil.

Blunt Advice on the Appearance of Your Yard

Alright, I’m going to be blunt… your yard sucks. It’s just terrible… I don’t know what to say. Your grass is well… let me specify… in the places that you actually have grass rather than weeds, it’s yellow, short and haphazard.

Advantages of Having Your Name Displayed in Front of Your Property

Maybe you don’t even notice what’s in the yard and what catches your attention is the house itself and the decorations on it, or simply the architecture. Whatever might initially catches your eye, however, you are almost sure to notice when there is a family name written somewhere on the visible part of the property.

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