How to Prune Raspberries! 🤤✂️❤️ // Garden Answer

How to Get Started With Your Natural Landscape Gardens

Create a natural landscape garden as a part of your existing landscape. Enjoy the beauty that only nature can provide in your own backyard gardens.

Tips For Growing a Great Vegetable Garden

Nothing beats fresh vegetables from the garden and with the cost of living increasing all the time there are more reasons to grow your own produce. Not only does home grown produce taste better, it is more cost efficient than buy produce from the supermarket. It doesn’t take a lot of space or a vast amount of gardening knowledge to grow a great vegetable garden.

Tips on Growing Tomatoes Indoors

When the summer is over & you’re missing freshly grown ripe tomatoes it’s time to go to the store and buy those tasteless fruits for the recipe you are trying today. Well, you don’t really have to go back to the store just because the season is over… Just start growing tomatoes indoors.

Garden Gloves

I find myself loving the garden more and more each day. What can be so relaxing than being in the garden, greens and the colors of flowers? The best part about the garden is having the right tools with you to make your gardening fun.

What is Bonsai? How Do You ‘Bonsai’?

The timeless art of ancient Bonsai is fascinating. You can actually have fully grown trees such as Elms, Pines and Oaks in little pots! Surprisingly, most people don’t actually know what Bonsai is! Read our article on Bonsai to discover what this art involves.

What You Need to Know About Copper Window Boxes

The urban world has invented the perfect way to garden your plants even when you do not have a garden. How is this possible? It’s actually very simple! All you need to do is purchase a window box! These serve as containers for growing plants right outside your window without the hassles of maintaining a full garden. They can be attached to the wall, window seal or your balcony using brackets.

Useful Information on How to Grow Apples and a Quick Guide on How to Plant Apple Seeds

It is easy to learn how to grow apples, especially through seed germination. This is a simple process that only requires knowledge on how to plant apple seeds.

Growing Annuals in the Mid-South

Growing annuals is a great way to add color and pizazz to your garden. Learn tips on planting annuals is your garden this this season.

What You Need to Know About Plastic Window Boxes

Plastic window boxes are now the latest rage in gardening. They are not only easy to install and maintain but practically are a garden in a box. They are used to grow flowering plants and other herbs to enhance the beauty of your home without…

Ten Tomato Tips

Ten tips for growing tomatoes. More isn’t better.

Simple Soil Test

A trick to determine your soil type can be accomplished with the use of a quart jar. Collect a soil sample, putting a quarter cup of the soil into the jar with 2 cups of water, and 3-4 drops of dish liquid.

What Are the Best Feeds For Birds?

Find the best feeds for the different birds you would like to draw to your backyard here. Supplying the bird feed will bring many different species for your backyard enjoyment.

Jade Plants Are Easy!

Jade Plants, which are succulents, are very easy to grow. They also will produce flowers if taken care of properly. Find out what it takes to grow a jade plant of your own.

Why Growing Hanging Tomatoes is Beneficial For Those With Busy Lifestyles and Small Gardens?

Are you planning to do some tomato gardening? You should because growing your own tomatoes is incredibly rewarding. Are you confused how you can grow tomatoes with such a limited space? That is easy. There are other means of planting tomatoes like growing hanging tomatoes or perhaps in containers. I suggest you choose growing upside down tomatoes for a start. It is so easy and advantageous on your part.

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