How to prune roses correctly

Roses Complete a Garden

This is easy and one of the best features of any garden – and guaranteed to give you years of pleasure and enjoyment. Rose gardening can be both a source of beauty for the garden and, a super hobby if you like. Don’t be put off because they need pruning – that’s relatively easy to learn – or you can find someone to do it for you a reasonable price.

Plant For Fragrance and Flowers

No garden should be without a selection of plants selected for their fragrance and flowers to both enhance and add variety. Roses are an obvious choice, but they aren’t the only ones to consider..

Turf Diseases – Silver Dollar Spot

It shouldn’t be any surprise why this disease got its name. The straw-colored, small sized circular spots that appear on golf greens and sometimes larger spots on lawns should be a dead giveaway.

Starting Your Garden From Seed

It’s not hard to start your plants from seed. You just need a little know how.

Easy Steps to a Beautiful Windowsill Herb Garden

A windowsill herb garden makes any room more cheery. These attractive plants are useful too, especially in the sill of your kitchen window. Just about any room is the right home for a windowsill garden as long as you have the right container, soil, and light.

Basic Herb Garden Design Tips

One of the most essential tips in basic herb garden design is to place and plant your herbs by groups of 3, 5, 7, or more. Not for any other reason or what, most of the designs for basic herb gardening looks best in odd numbered groups.

How to Raise Red Worms

Worm farming is gaining popularity. If you wish to get into the business, you need to take in information the way to take care of red worms which happen to be the greatest producers of fertilizer for the soil.

The Art of Penjing, Or Chinese Bonsai, The Most Beautiful of Bonsai Styles

Not everyone has heard of the Chinese form of bonsai, Penjing, which is strange as it not only predates the better known Japanese form, but it also gives rise to some the most spectacular sights in the bonsai world! This article discusses the differences between Japanese and Chinese bonsai styles.

What Are Good Herbs For Growing?

Before starting out your own garden, it is good to plan first what herbs for growing to plant. Here are some information to help you decide what to grow in your garden. First of all, identify your purpose and your needs. You may grow culinary, medicinal, aromatic or just ornamental herbs, depending on your purpose.

How to Establish Vigorous Fast Growing Trees Part 2 – Dirt, Fertilizer, and Aeration

You need to understand that when you plant a tree, you have no control over the type of soil you have! There are many sources out there who will tell you to add this or that to your soil to “change” it. Do not waste your time. Your soil is what it is and there is nothing you can or should do about it. The reason is that when a tree grows, its roots spread, and no matter what you do to try to change the soil, you will not be able to change it as far as the roots will eventually spread, so do not waste your time.

Container Vegetable Gardening – 5 Easy Essentials For Great Veggies With Great Flavor

Container vegetable gardening is so simple. You can easily grow a whole salad right on your deck or patio! Think how convenient it would be to walk out your kitchen door and harvest everything you need for tonight’s supper. There are five essentials to learn–and they’re all easy–to grow a great container vegetable garden. Don’t start growing vegetables in containers before you read this article.

Growing Roses – The Top 5 Things to Know

Growing roses is a cinch (even in container gardens), if you pay attention to five issues–the right soil, proper watering, good air circulation, fertilizer, and yes, you must get smart about pruning roses, too. You can successfully grow all types of roses–from floribunda roses to miniature roses to your favorite rose bushes–see my Top Five Tips.

Tips and Advice in Growing Aloe Vera Plant

Although there are a lot of commercially-prepared products that are available in the market today, it’s still better if you use aloe in its raw form. Growing aloe vera plant is not only useful but it is inexpensive as well.

Preserving Home Grown Herb Seeds

Drying herb seeds such as mustard seeds is a fairly straightforward task. However, you need to know that even though a seed seems hard and dry, you should never put it into a storage container without first properly drying it.

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