How to Replant and Prepare Raised Beds For Spring

Spring Into Organic Gardening

Spring brings out the Organic Gardening in all of us. Here are some gardening tips, harvesting suggestions plus ideas for storing your canning jars.

Roses: Growing and Basic Care

Just about everybody can see the beauty in a rose! Unfortunately roses are typically thought of as hard flowers to care for. This may be true in some cases, but with the proper knowledge, roses can be relatively easy to grow and maintain.

Start Your Indoor Herb Garden Off Right

You can buy fresh herbs at your local grocery, but have you ever considered growing your own? You’ll not only have delightful, fresh herbs right on hand, but a lovely green plant in your home as well. Growing an indoor herb garden is not difficult and you don’t even need a green thumb to see success. All that’s really required is patience and a little research.

Types of Gardens – Home Gardening Hobby

Gardening around the home can be a fun hobby. There are many ideas that you can go with when it comes to landscaping using gardening as your inspiration. Depending on the area that you are trying to cover and the budget that you’re on, you may be able to change the landscaping every other week. There also many benefits to gardening for both the gardener and the garden that is being planted around the home. Anyone can enjoy the hobby of gardening, and it can be a rewarding experience no matter what type of garden you choose to have.

Poppy Flower Seeds – Don’t Miss Poppies Off Your Garden Must Haves

Filling a garden with plants is one of the most enjoyable aspects of gardening and when first buying specimens it is important not to miss poppy flower seeds off your list. Poppies really are one of the most versatile garden plants in the entire world and wherever you live, and whatever your garden setting, there are almost certainly poppies and poppy seeds which are perfect for you. And whether you’re getting just a few plants to bulk up your flower borders or are buying an entirely new collection of plants to start from scratch, making sure you buy poppy seeds will give you a fantastic plant to enjoy.

Poppy Flower Seeds – Poppies for Use in All Garden Designs

One of the most beneficial reasons for using poppy flower seeds in your garden is that they can be used in almost any setting. You may simply garden in a free style method, adding your favorite plants and flowers wherever you wish and allowing your garden to grow in a freeform way. Alternatively you may be a little stricter, keeping to a specific garden design. This can involve staying to certain colors so that all plants have unity across a set palette. Perhaps you’re keeping planting within certain heights, carefully creating a low flowering alpine garden or a jungle of ferns and towering specimens. Or you may be adhering carefully to traditional garden designs whether it’s a formal space, a cottage garden, or a modern and architectural delight.

Growing Poppy Seeds – How to Fill Your Garden With Color

If you’re looking for a way to fill your garden with color then utilizing poppy seeds is a great way to do so. It can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you get new flower blooms all year round. Often gardeners have an explosive month of color which then fades to green with little else occurring for the rest of the year. However, if you want to enjoy a group of plants which will continue to burst with blooms throughout the gardening season then poppies are your ideal specimens.

Buy Poppies – Creating the Perfect Poppy Flower Collection

There’s something about poppy seeds which really starts off a passion and to buy poppies becomes an exciting and thrilling hobby. With so many varieties and families to love there is a great ability to keep collecting for years. Even when you’re close to having as many poppies as possible you may find that new varieties have been created for you to add to your personal collection. And indulging in a poppy collection is a great way to not only have a garden which is exploding with color but to keep your passion for gardening thriving.

Five Methods for Organic Pest Control

One of the biggest problems in organic gardening is controlling pests. Left unchecked, harmful insects can kill plants or leave them unable to produce. Here are five great ways to get rid of pests organically.

Balcony Gardening – Just Because You Don’t Have A Plot of Land Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Grow A Garden

Some gardeners are blessed with an abundance of deep, fertile soil. Some have soil that needs attention before it will grow anything. Others have no soil at all. Those who have none can turn to balcony gardening, a popular activity of those who live in apartments and condominiums. A balcony garden has its limitations, but it is better than none.

Recognising Iron Deficiency in Plant Leaves

An informative article explaining why an iron deficiencies occur in plants and how to fix the problem. It also describes the symptoms so you can recognise it in your plants.

Growing Herbs, Berries, Fruits and Nuts

When you think about organic gardening, most people lean towards the vegetables. Veggies are all well and good but don’t forget all the other different kinds of food you can grow even in a small home garden. Herbs, berries, other fruits and even nuts can all be harvested organically to add a little more variety to your…

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