How to Set Up The Kratky Hydroponics Method (Tutorial)

Basic Care of Bonsai Ginseng

If you ask anyone who has ever had a bonsai, he/she will tell you that taking care of bonsai ginseng can be quite difficult and tedious at times. However, if you love your miniature tree and want it to grow healthy and beautiful, you will have to provide it the right maintenance.

Germs, Dirt and Worms, It’s Good for Kids

Disinfectant is not the answer! The answer is dirt and lots of it!! In this day and age we are bombarded with new ways to kill germs. I am here to tell you, germs are good, dirt is good, and a small dose of both will make your kids stronger and in the process they might find that if they grow something, they might actually want to eat it too.

3 Tips For Having More Tulips Bloom in the Spring

Successful tulip growing tips for beautiful spring blooms. Discover three useful tips for top tulips this season and excellent tulip health for the years ahead. Find out what’s eating your tulips, how to combat common pests that attack tulips and where to grow them in your garden or patio. With hundreds of cultivated varieties of tulips available, and over 75 wild species, tulips are a beautiful bulb to plant in any garden for those who love a daring flash of colour when spring begins.

How to Start a Compost Heap

Creating a compost heap is an easy and clever way of recycling rubbish. A compost heap is good for the environment and will save you time and money. Making one is easy and will last you for years.

How to Create a Family Vegetable Plot

Growing vegetables and fruit can be a project to involve the whole family. Starting your own plot can be possible in the smallest of spaces.

What You Can Get From Using Homemade Organic Fertilizer

For many homeowners who grow plants in any way, using various fertilizers is very common because there are a lot of choices available. Go to a garden shop or even just the supermarket and you’ll find plenty of choices. Unfortunately, a good portion of them will be synthetic.

How to Use Greenhouses

Greenhouses have many ways they can be used by gardeners. They are not just for starting seeds or controlling the environment for certain plants to thrive. These structures are much more versatile than this.

Inspire Yourself and Others With a Healing Garden Landscape

A healing garden can inspire, not just with the healing plants it contains for medicinal and meditational purposes, but the landscaping of a healing garden can also inspire. Many elements can be used for inspiration, including water features, statues, trees, trellises, flowers, paths, ponds, chimes and sculptures. Almost anything can be used to inspire, depending on the theme you want to project. Here are a few ideas that can be used in your healing garden landscape to create illusions that will inspire:

5 Common Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass and How To Avoid Them

For those with basic landscaping knowledge and experience installing artificial grass should be quite simple! However, there are a number of common, easy to avoid mistakes many people make when attempting to install artificial grass themselves, therefore we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them!

Various Features Of Garden Shrubs That You Need To Know Before Planting Them

Shrubs occupy an important position in the sphere of landscaping, and they are widely used in various areas such as gardens, parks, street borders and commercial landscapes. They are often preferred over other types of plants as they pose less challenge for planting and maintenance, add beauty to a place without being obtrusive and are quite adaptable.

House Plants and How to Enjoy Growing Them

House plants love ’em or hate them – they are valuable assets to your health, help create an interior design theme that says so much about you. So many people are frightened of taking them on concerned that they will instantly die under their care. This article sets out to dispel myths and give helpful tips to make them work for you.

Did You Know About the Types of Soils in Your Lake Bottom?

The quickest and easiest way of getting rid of pond muck is to use a bacterial product called AquaClear Pellets. Applied weekly, they are the most effective solution to get rid of pond muck.

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