How to Transplant Seedlings: My High-Density Method

Aquaponics At Home – Easier Than You Think

If you have made the decision to grow an aquaponic system so that you are able to enjoy fresh vegetables and beautiful fish, you will want to know several things that could help you with this fascinating hobby. All of the different types of seeds and fish need to be grown in the proper water conditions, since this is the basis for this particular activity.

How to Grow Celery – An Essential Guide

From seed to table, find out how to grow celery. Including steps on soil preparation, planting seeds, fertilizing and watering, pests and problems, and harvesting.

Aquaponics – Easy Way to Grow Organic Food

Aquaponics – Easy and Fun – The U.S. organic food industry is a $26.7 billion market. Organic food is more accessible now than it was a decade ago. From the corner grocer to the mass market retailer, produce shelves are brimming with organic fruits and vegetables for the health-conscious consumer. Some commercially-grown organic vegetables are lower in quality and more expensive than pesticide-laden vegetables.

Fresh Herb Gardens Are Not Limited To Cooking

A fresh herb garden is one of the best ways you can benefit the needs of your family’s health. Planting medical herbs as well as herbs for culinary or aromatic use are just some of the reasons.

What Is Worm Food?

Worms and their food. This is probably the most important aspect of running a farm for compost or even fishing bait. The right food, the better the outcome. It’s that simple. Some of the biggest mistakes both seasoned and rookie worm farming, for compost or worm raising is not feeding the right food, enough food or too much food to your worms.

Three Important Things to Consider for Building a New Garden

A garden for a house is often considered making a different sense. With the green colors of the grass, the fish pond, and its many flowers, garden tends to make your house look more beautiful. However, if it is new for you, there are many steps I provide here that you can do to create a new garden.

Save Your Plants With Foliar Feeding

Are your plants, gardens and vegetables growing poorly this season? Wet spring conditions can stunt root growth and can make it difficult for plants to obtain nutrients from the soil, whether fertilizer was applied or not.

Gardening Organically Has Never Been Easier

I decided to grow my own organic vegetables after a breast cancer diagnosis because I put myself on a fresh organic alkalinizing diet and I either couldn’t get the organic produce I needed or it was so expensive I just couldn’t afford it. I thought gardening organically would be easy and fun. Not being a natural gardener, I read all the instructions, dug over and fertilized the soil with non-chemical fertilizers, planted my rows of plants and kept up the pest control with natural home-made remedies.

Hydroponics 101

As prices for fruits and vegetables keep rising, many people are looking for ways to grow there own fresh home grown fruits and vegetables. Hydroponics is the most efficient way to achieve this. Learn about seven hydroponic systems and some of the many benefits of hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic Gardening 101: The Basics of Starting a Hydroponic Garden

Are you familiar with hydroponic gardening? If not, you may find this article helpful, providing some basic but useful tips on how to get started with your own hydroponic garden. It all sounds so mysterious and hi-tech, but its really very simple and easy to do, if you just keep some basic tips in mind.

Outstanding Plants for a Late Summer Blast

While it may be relatively easy to select plants with spring flowers, what about after the tulips have faded and the last dogwoods have bloomed? Beyond bedding annuals, can there be hope for the “dog days” of summer? At Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, we can answer that question with an emphatic “Yes!

Plant Stand and Its Uses

Have you gotten to a point where moving the plants from one location to another when cleaning your home made you really exhausted because you needed those extra muscles to lift them up? Or did it ever come into your mind that there is still something missing in your home that would make your garden get that stylish look you have always dreamed of?

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