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How to Plan a Home Vegetable Garden Using the Square Foot Gardening Method

Planning a home vegetable garden can be tricky. Gardening is a science, after all! This article discusses the steps involved in planning a Square Foot Garden, which differ in several important ways from the steps involved in planning a row-based garden.

Your Flowers, Shrubs and the Greenhouse in Mid November

Korean chrysanthemums may survive the winter in the border, but they are safer lifted, boxed and placed at the base of a wall, and in severe weather covered with sacking. When you check on your hedges, note that any basal gaps in hawthorn hedges can be made good by bending down and pegging young shoots to fill the empty spaces. Viburnum fragrans or the hybrid V.

Organic Garden – A Minute Replica of Nature in Your Home

An organic garden is a small picture of nature’s best in your home. It is a haven of fresh fruits, vibrant plants and healthy vegetables. The advocate of this art and science does not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides but employ the works and conveniences of nature to create safe, healthy and bountiful produce.

Your Fruit and Vegetables in Mid November

If you are to be absent from home for any length of time, beet can be left in the ground covered with a cloche, but now is the time to lift and store Jerusalem artichokes and salsify. Have you ever eaten salsify in a similar way to asparagus? It is good if you like it!

Ensure a Productive Hydroponic Garden by Getting the Basics Right!

It is all to easy to succumb to information overload when you try to tweak your hydroponic gardening system! Don’t overload yourself with too much unnecessary detail! If you are planning on a productive home hydroponic system pay attention to these principles I’m about to detail.

How to Grow an Outside Herb Garden

There are many ways to grow an outside herb garden and I will explain one way. If you have the basics down, you can modify your own herb garden to your own tastes. The first step you have to do is find the perfect place outside to plant your herb garden.

Caring For Your Garden Tools

You go to the home center or to your local hardware store and carefully choose the tools you need to tend to your flower beds and your vegetable gardens. We all know that the quality of a lot of products is not what it used to be 15 to 20 years ago.

Compost Stinks? 3 Things You Must Immediately Do

If you are composting and experiencing a bad smell, then you’ve got a problem! Follow these instructions and get rid of the stink.

The Messenger of Springtime is the Gentle Iris

When choosing the Iris to send as a present, the receiver is bound to be impressed. Just because this happens to be a honorably joyous plant which brings a touch of color which will not be ignored.

Growing Climbing Roses Makes a Beautiful Rose Garden

One species of the rose is the climbing rose plant. Like its relatives, the climbing rose plant is beautiful. The one unique characteristic about this type is the fact that it climbs. One thing bad about this nature is that the rose may climb to high to be properly cared for.

With the Sweet Pea There is Always a Lot to Enjoy

With regards to its angelic charm, the sweet pea happens to be a charmingly little bloom which many of gardeners have appreciated rising. Learn more regarding these fragrant little stars of the garden and check if they are being right for you!

Home Vegetable Garden – Planning Your Garden Year After Year

Humans tend to be creatures of habit – I know I am. So when I first started vegetable gardening, my instinct was to find a spot for my tomatoes and then plant them there year after year. However, as I later learned, this was not good for my garden.

Vegetables – Why Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

The nutrient content of commercial vegetables has declined over the past 50 to 100 years. Learn why our food quality is declining and what you can do to ensure you are getting sufficient nutrients.

Compost Worms – What Type?

A worm is not a worm when it comes to worm composting. A regular earthworm does not work in this type of compost because they do not eat enough.

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