How to Use Neem Oil to Control Pests & Diseases

Caring For Orchids – The Facts

The majority of us have been led to believe that the propagation and nurturing of orchids is an arduous and complicated process reserved for the elite that have a lot of time at their disposal. The fact is that with more than 25000 different species and well over 100,000 hybrids it is not that difficult a process to find a suitable orchid that can be fairly easily maintained, without stretching your budget and without you needing to be a professional horticulturalist. Generally speaking most species of orchids will not require any more effort or expenditure than any other common…

Read About the Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Because of the benefits and advantages, drip irrigation is used by various people these days. They can help you use the water more efficiently. There are numerous advantages of drip irrigation and some of them are elaborated below.

Organic in the Garden – Benefits of Mulching Your Vegetable Garden

Mulching is important in all garden settings whether using Organic Methods or not. There are many benefits to be gained from mulching your ornamental garden beds and many of these benefits are well known.

Vegetable Garden Pest Control Tips

A beautiful vegetable garden can quickly be ruined by unwanted pests. However, effective pest control does not have to complicated. There are some simple steps that can be taken, to help effectively control most pest problems.

Aftercare For Climbers

Most climbers are easy to look after and, apart from pruning, require the minimum of care. Do keep an eye out for potential problems, however, as early action if most effective. A little general maintenance will keep your plans in tip top condition. Most climbers are planted in dry soil at the base of walls and fences, which is why they are more likely to suffer from drought during prolonged dry spells.

How to Deal With Pesky Garden Pest Snails

Snails are an interesting species to many individuals. However, the interest stops once these pests find their way into a well groomed garden. This almost always happens to some extent as these slow moving creatures are always on the prowl for a good meal. The snail as a pest is a terrible thing. They can kill young plants by chewing their stem or eating the seeds before they finish germinating.

Pest Free Garden – How To Create Yours

In such stressful times people are finding a variety of ways to relax such as gardening. Gardening can be a rewarding activity. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in your backward with tea and seeing the fruits of your labor. Every gardener strives to have a beautiful and healthy garden.

Garden Pest Repellent

When choosing what type of garden pest repellent to use in your home garden, your biggest dilemma is probably whether to choose organic products or others to get rid of those little buggers. After all, you would rather save those herbs and vegetables for your family, you are not growing them to feed the bugs.

Common Garden Pests

Plants are no different from humans or animals. At some point of their life they will encounter pests and diseases during their life time. Therefore keeping an eye out for problems can help save the situation. Of course the earlier you catch the problem the better. There are several different ways to deal with common garden pests.

Organic Garden Pest Control Tips

Gardening is a fun and productive hobby undertaken by many people throughout the world. The ability to raise beautiful flowers or food is something that many people enjoy. However, other creatures enjoy a nice garden as well. These creatures are typically considered pests of the highest caliber. Dealing with them comes in two forms. These forms are organic and chemical.

Home and Garden Pest Control Information

Home and garden pest control is generally an ongoing task that gardeners and homeowners must address. As the seasons change, so do the pests. Gardeners may have different pest problems depending on where they live and what they are growing. Some pests are more common to arid, hot climates, while others thrive in moist, shady areas.

Garden Plant Pests

Sometimes green and squishy, sometimes black and crunchy; they fly, crawl, burrow, walk, and feed on our garden plants! Garden pests like insects and other animals interfere with the growth of healthy garden plants include insects and bugs, mollusks, birds, and mammals. They are not welcomed guests!

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