How to Water Your Plants Right

Garden Meteorologist

Seems like most serious gardener at some point turn into amateur garden meteorologist. Maybe a better term would be a weather watcher.

Growing Calico Plant in Pots

Calico Hearts Plant (Andromischus trigynus) also called as Clam Plant is a small succulent plant and a native of South Africa which consists about fifty species. They are mainly grown for their beautiful foliage which comes from different shapes, colors, and sizes. The color of its foliage is pale to dark grayish-green, purple-speckled leaves usually heart-shaped with a wavy margin and waxy tips, hence they’re called heart plant. The flowers are white or purple in color.

Water – Plant and Animal Life Depend on It

Plants and animal life depend on water to survive. It is the most plentiful liquid on earth, and for decades it has been used as though this natural resource has a never ending supply. This is not true, due to conditions like droughts, pollution and the expanding population, our natural water supplies are in danger.

Start Planning For Enhancing Your Back Garden

The winter months are the perfect time to begin planning how you can make changes to your back garden once the frost and snow have disappeared. What ever you use your garden for whether it is a simple place to relax, somewhere to entertain guests or if you are an avid gardener there are a wide range of things you can do. Many people often don’t bother making major changes to their garden as they thin that these sorts of landscaping tasks are beyond their capability but there are a lot of different services out there that will make your…

How To Plan A Colorful Flower Garden

The color should be in fact the first thought of any gardener: even if the design is pretty basic, depending on the room you have to spend for your flower garden, the color goes by the name of the flower garden. The color is like a person’s eyes are drawn to your flower garden, be sure and get the most enjoyment from your garden of flowers, if the colors are proper located. I’ve always had a lot of satisfaction from my flower garden during the many years. I have been tending and planning and changing.

Garden Decorations For All Occasions

Garden decorations are actually the outside image of your house from the inside, when you look the house and the outdoor decorations are beautiful it will probably put a question in your mind about the inside of the house. That is why making the garden decorations is important as making the interior of the house. There are many ways to create beautiful and unique garden decorations of your own theme, you can have a theme if there is no occasion for now, and you can try the English garden decorations.

How to Grow Bonsai From Seeds

If this is your first attempt as caring for a bonsai, then buying a ready-made bonsai tree is a legitimate first step, However, if you are an experienced bonsai grower, starting a bonsai from seeds is a very good way to create natural designs right from the start, which surprisingly, can be achieved after a few years. The process of bonsai creation, rather than the end product is essentially an art in itself. It is true that a great deal of patience is required, but growing a bonsai plant from seed and caring for it over many years brings a…

The Basics of Growing Bonsai Trees

Although bonsai trees do require constant care, feeding, maintenance and grooming to remain in good condition, it does not require a degree in horticulture to grow bonsai successfully. If you tend to it properly your bonsai may out live you. There are basic horticultural tasks which must be carried out, such as watering and pruning your tree.

Did You Know? Facts About Tomatoes

Tomatoes have been grown and used in the world throughout the ages. They can be used raw in salads and garnishing, they can be processed into pastes, ketchups, and sauces. Green unripe tomatoes can also be fried, pickled, or used to make salsa.

Maintenance Practice on Greenhouse Orchids

With improved technology, you can grow orchid at any place. This is through the help of greenhouse technology. These houses help to moderate the temperature and moisture condition to that of the natural habitat.

Terrific Tomato Growing Tips

The first step towards realizing your dream of growing your own tomatoes is to first understand that tomatoes prosper in warm environments. Places where cold temperatures are the norm are seldom ideal tomato growing environments, unless growing is done under a controlled environment. When planning to plant tomatoes, it is important to ensure that the garden is preheated.

Winterizing Your Herbs and Extending the Growing Season

Let’s assume you have had a successful growing season, raised lots of herbs and have grown fond of fresh herbs in your recipes. How do you extend your growing season into the fall and winter? You have to consider the types of herbs you want to use to accomplish this.

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