How We Maintain Our Gravel Driveway and Keep it Free of Weeds! 🌿 // Garden Answer

Creative Ideas for Water Garden Ponds

A great idea to adorn formal water garden ponds is a container of some kind, either empty or planted up. This could be as simple as ordinary clay plant-pot, filled with geraniums, or whatever you can find or lug home from foreign parts. It really is possible to pick up some very attractive pots, even in the tourist spots, at reasonable prices, and so long as they don’t exceed your weight allowance, it will be worth the effort of getting them back.

Jade Bonsai Care

The jade bonsai is a succulent plant that has the ability to absorb and hold water in its leaves; therefore, the jade tree does not need to be watered too often. In fact, if it is watered several times a week, the roots can rot from over watering.

Growing Garden Herbs Is Rewarding As You Watch The Progress

Growing garden herbs can be traced back to ancient times when people venerated their gods and deities with special plants, flowers and herbs. Shamanists and herbologists both relied on herbs to drive away evil spirits, while inviting the good one.

Lawn Mowing Tips – 4 Ways to Cut Your Grass Properly

Do you really know how to trim your lawn properly? Chances are you’re risking great damage to the grass if you’re not following the right mowing techniques. Go ahead and read these helpful lawn mowing tips so you can cut your turf in the healthiest and most careful way possible.

Essential Orchid Information for Orchid Enthusiasts

Orchid information is widely available nowadays. From growing, caring, types, and species to breeding or propagation, everything is at hand. Orchid information can be accessed through magazines, books and internet. What then makes this article different? You only need to read it and you will find out why.

Save Your Money by Growing Your Own Organic Garden

Organic growing or sustainable farming is not very much different from conventional farming. The only difference is Organic growing is done in a completely natural way by using natural fertilizers and pest control measures.

Growing Orchids Indoors: A Worthy Experience

Among the many species of flowers available all over the world, orchids are one of the most well-loved. In fact, most women treasure the first orchid corsage they received during prom night because it shows the great admiration and respect of the person who gave it to them. Along with this are people who find great pleasure in growing orchids indoors.

Taking Care of Your Potatoes

Basic facts about how to plant potatoes. Soil preparation for your potato bed. Taking care during storing and harvesting potatoes.

Knowing About Herbs and Their Uses Will Provide Many Benefits

There are many advantages to using fresh herbs. They can range from the obvious health benefits to the satisfaction of growing your own produce. Fresh herbs have always been a staple in cooking, in medicine and in home decor. Explore all of the wonderful ways that herbs can improve our lives.

How to Plant and Grow a Successful Grape Vine

Doesn’t the thought of relaxing with a bottle of great tasting wine sound luxurious? The thought of sipping on wine that you made yourself sounds even better. Planting and growing a successful grape vine is not as complicated as it might seem, and it is the first step in making this dream a reality.

The Benefits Of Table Grape Growing

Growing table grapes in your garden is a wonderful experience. Table grape growing is a win-win activity because you can save money and you will have something to do during your free time. Even more, you can earn money from the grapes that you grow and improve your family’s health.

Orchid Pruning – The Way to Ensuring an Orchid’s Overall Health and Growth

Orchid pruning is a very crucial task that every orchid grower needs to do for the general welfare of their orchid plants. There are generally two areas in your plant that will require pruning. What method you need to employ and the timing of when to do it will depend of the specie of the orchid that you are growing. Using sharp clean scissors or pruning shears is a great way to start the pruning process. Clean pruning tools are very imperative towards ensuring that your orchid plant is free from unwanted infection/diseases. For the root area of your plant, a disinfected razor blade or knife can be used.

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