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Hydroponic Gardening – 2 Types of Hydroponic Gardening

There are two types of gardening using hydroponics -one is medium culture and the other is solution culture. Both are good choices and have their advantages.

How to Avoid the Three Most Common Mistakes While Growing a Pineapple Tree?

Pineapple is a well known and widely used fruit, which you should be familiar with already. It is used in cocktails, cakes, non-alcoholic beverages and as part of fruit salads, but many people are unaware of the fact that the tree is actually so easy to grow they will have success with it even if they don’t try hard.

Hydroponic Gardening – 3 Advantages of a Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

The advantages of using hydroponics when growing a vegetable garden. While helping the environment, you can extend your growing season to have year round fresh vegetables.

Simple Steps to Follow Before Laying New Lawn

For most people, including myself, the lawn is the most important feature in the garden. If the lawn looks good, then chances are the rest of the garden will also look good. A decision that we all have to make when contemplating making a new lawn is whether to use seed or turf.

Important Tips to Remember When Mowing the Lawn

The most important part of caring for a lawn is mowing. Any stretch of grass which is not mown regularly at frequent intervals becomes a field, a padlock, pr pasture land. In order to mow correctly it is important to know the needs of grass.

Is Your Garden Harming the Local Ecosystem? A Poster in New York Restorations Fights Bad Gardens!

Are you harming the local ecosystem with your garden? If you’re importing plants from radically different ecosystems, you’re certainly not helping. Read on to find out why your garden should be a local garden!

Loose Leaf Lettuce Varieties – Grow Your Own Delicious Gourmet Greens

Grocery store Iceberg lettuce is an okay standby when nothing else is available. But until you’ve tasted the tender and delicious flavor of homegrown gourmet greens such as leaf lettuce and butterheads, you don’t know what you’re missing. Lettuce is incredibly easy to grow.

Gardening Tips – Key Elements of Creating a Bonsai

Tendering a good Bonsai specious is a beautiful pastime that any one can practice at home without much strain or expense. If you are an ardent lover of Bonsai varieties of trees, it is time to learn the basics of making bonsai prior directly jumping into the field in a hurry. Knowledge about the suitable varieties, techniques of trimming the leaves and buds, fertilizing practices, watering and soil selection process are necessary for being a triumphant Bonsai nurturer.

Why Artificial Trees Are Good For You

Artificial trees have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the increased attention to detail with which they are made, allowing them to be much more realistic imitations of the real thing. However, they also offer an alternative to real trees for the many allergy sufferers.

How to Make a Worm Compost Bin

Any container roughly 2ft by 2ft is large enough but you can go bigger. Good aeration is very important, worms are just like you and me they need to breathe air.

Harvesting Day – What to Do When Your Herbs Are Ready

Growing herbs is just part of the fun of keeping your herb garden. Though I have to admit it’s a great deal of fun. Another aspect of herb gardening, which many people enjoy, is the harvesting and the preserving of the herbs once the growing season ends.

Other Methods to Try in Growing Outdoor Herb Gardens

Some herbalists prefer to use other methods than the hardening off to prepare the seedlings for the outdoor garden. One method is a low-water approach. In this method, you don’t place the plants outside, you leave them indoors, but you decrease the watering of them in increments.

Herb Gardens and How to Make Money Out of it by Selling Seeds

This is probably one of the easiest — and quickest — ways to start a business from your hobby. Not sure what herbs to sell? That really shouldn’t be a problem.

Starting Your Herb Garden and the Four Types of Herbs

No matter how you see it, growing herbs is very beneficial. Sure it can be hard or perhaps, gruesome for first-time-gardeners, but at the end of the day, it’s sure to bring more pros than cons. The good news is that herbs can be easy to grow.

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