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Aeroponic Gardening – What is It?

Although many people have not heard of aeroponics, it is not new. Aeroponics goes back to the 1940s. Learn about the advantages and how it can help your plants grow faster.

Easy Practical Tips For Do it Yourself Container Gardening

A very useful guide for all the DIY freaks of container gardening! Follow the tips here and be proud of your garden.

Growing the Best Peas in Your Garden

Growing peas in you garden can be a hard task, especially if you choose the wrong variety of pea for your soil type. This guide will teach you which varieties of peas grow best in certain soil types, and how best to get them started.

Useful Tips For Effective Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is a popular method of gardening these days. Basically this just means that you grow your plants without any soil, these tips will get you started and growing like a pro in no time!

Indoor Gardening – Growing Herbs and Spices You Can Cook With

If you enjoy cooking, no doubt you know that herbs and spices provide you with a great way to add fragrance and flavor to the meals that you cook. However, purchasing them all the time can get pretty expensive. The great news is that it doesn’t take much space to grown your own spices and herbs, so many people decide to raise their own inside. This way you can easily get to and use your plants, and with a minimum amount of care, you can have some wonderful herbs and spices that are sure to “spice” up the cooking that occurs in your kitchen.

The Best Places to Plant a Tree to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill

First take a look at your house and determine how your house is orientated to the sun. In the winter, most of the sun’s heat will be generated from the south. During the summer this changes and the most heat is generated from the southwest.

Styling a Bonsai Tree

The most crucial factor in growing a bonsai plant is the art of styling it. While styling a bonsai is a very subjective process, there are actually some principles and techniques to follow which will help you come up with the perfect “look” for your bonsai. Styling a bonsai can be done in any of the five basic techniques…

The Wonders That Medicinal Herbs Offer

Many types of medicinal herbs are now processed into capsules, syrups, tablets and food supplements. However, many traditional methods are still used by young and old people alike to relieve themselves of pain, sores and other ailments.

House Plants – Ferns For All Seasons

If your home is small and limited in windows suitable for growing plants, some foliage plants should interest you. None of these plants grow large in average home conditions, and all have remarkable foliage, interesting for its pattern, color, or form.

All About Aeroponics Gardening – Basics and Benefits

Man continues to discover new ways of growing their plant foods. One of the latest techniques is aeroponic gardening, which is basically a hybrid of the hydroponics method of gardening in that the plants are suspended in air with the roots kept as moist as possible through a mist of nutrient solution.

10 Tips For Bird Tables

Feeding the birds in your garden will not only give your local wildlife a helping hand, particularly during the winter months when natural sources of food may be scarce, but you will also get great pleasure from seeing the birds’ antics as they feed. The simplest way to feed the birds in your garden is with a bird table. The tips below will help you get the most from your table and attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.

How to Trellis – Tips For Your Garden

Learning how to trellis your plants is easy, if you take the time to plan it well. By doing this you will make good use of your time, avoid mistakes, and end up with a trellis that is best suited to your garden.

Window Planter – Powerful Tool to Bring Nature a Little Closer

If you like to bring nature to life in your home environment, you may soon be providing in kindergarten. Many people think of planters as large plastic troughs that are placed on the windows of apartment buildings in the city. They picture rows of plastic bins that grow some flowers as the only type of greenery that some apartment dwellers will see.

Flower Boxes – Spice Up Your Routine

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers plucked by hand or vibrant taste of fresh herbs? Not having to spend hours of backbreaking work digging a plot of arable land into a garden. Planters are not just the easy; they are ideal for mobile and showcase your flowers and foliage. Before configuring a box in your garden or window, refer to this checklist handy if you’re prepared and ready to plant.

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