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Serissa Bonsai – The Tree of a Thousand Stars

The Serissa Bonsai, first found in the marshlands and wet fields of Japan, China and Southeast Asia is known for its beautiful white blooms. This type of bonsai requires some consistent care and maintenance, but the rewards it gives in return are amazing! This article will give you an overview of the serissa’s history, some basic facts about the tree, and information about how to be a successful serissa owner.

Using Orchid Wedding Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

Orchid wedding bouquets are in a class by themselves. They are both exotic and beautiful.

The Language of Flowers is Simple and Effective

We humans speak so many languages that contain so many words and have to make a lot of effort to make ourselves be understood and that too in the manner we want. There are always chances of miscommunication and often people misunderstand us. But there are no such problems with flowers. Their language is universal and one of love and compassion.

Fresh Flowers to Uplift Your Mood

Are you depressed? Feeling down and out? Try fresh flowers. They are beautiful and delicate, but they have this amazing ability to refresh even a somber person.

Fresh Flowers Make You Feel Good

Flowers are one creation of God that is loved by everyone. They are not only beautiful; they have a grace and elegance that sets them apart from all other things. They signify all things beautiful in life; they bring hope and cheerfulness on the faces of the people who are exhausted and sick, and they make life bright in general. They find usage in all situations and events.

10 Reasons Why Some Roses Are More Fragrant

Have you ever wondered what makes a rose fragrant. The fragrance of a rose is the result of a number of things. Here are 10 reasons why and a list of the most fragrant roses available.

Types of Orchids – Can You Guess How Many There Are? 2? 20? 25,000? 100,000?

Orchids are the biggest family of flowering plants known to the sciences and new species are still being found. Although there are well over 25,000 species and 100,000 hybrids found around the world, there are only 2 Types of orchids.

Orchid Care Made Easy

Caring for orchids used to be considered too difficult for anyone but experts. Indeed there are some orchids that are rare and difficult to grow. Now with more than 30,000 species and 100,000 hybrids, there’s an orchid for any level of skill.

Vegetable Garden Design – A Year in the Garden

Through the use of an effective vegetable garden design scheme you will have a vegetable plot to supply most, if not all of your vegetable needs through out the year. What a lot of people getting involved in the vegetable gardening field don’t know is that you have to work at it all year round. You may only be harvesting crops in spring, summer and fall but you will be out in the late fall and through out the winter preparing it for the coming year.

Buying Annuals

The usual definition of an annual is a plant that grows and dies or is discarded in a year. Annuals can be raised from seed or bought as plants in a range of stages of development. The way you decide to buy them will depend on how many you need, the amount of time you have and how much you are prepared to spend.

How to Choose Orchid Pots For the Optimal Health of Your Plant

Choosing the right pots for your orchids is essential to ensure that they not only survive but thrive. The choices out there are many and when it comes to orchids, there is definitely no one size fits all.

Remember to Water Your Orchids

Many gardeners love growing flowers and deciding which ones to grow can be a challenge; one flower which looks amazing when it blooms is the orchid. These flowers do take some care but if you get this right and water orchids correctly then you will be rewarded with amazing flowers. Healthy orchids need sunlight and love to be allowed to bask in it; if you provide the right amount then they will flourish.

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