HUGE Late Summer Harvest (My Biggest This Year)


Get Quality Greenhouse Design Range For Your Gardening Needs

The greenhouse design industry has flourished a great deal in the last few years. And with the growing demand for this both in indoor and outdoor gardening, you can get varied options. But get only the best to achieve optimal results.

Gardening – A Great Way to Get Fit

It may have taken some years, but you’ve shifted into health consciousness. Now you want to grow your own garden, eat better, and be in great physical health. However, there’s a problem – you hate the exercise routine. Well good news – when you garden, you kill two birds with one stone. Gardening IS an exercise routine – an excellent one at that!

Selecting the Best Plot For Your Allotment

Take the time to carefully consider several issues before making a final selection of your new plot. You’ll want to evaluate the individual plot’s characteristics as well as the plot’s relation to other nearby plots to give your plants the best chance to grow successfully. Here are some features you’ll want to consider.

How to Transfer Rose Plants

There are various reasons why you want to transfer your rose plant. One of the reasons is that maybe the former area or spot is not suited for the plant. Another thing is that maybe you want to use the area for your house extension or for some renovations in your garden, and you want to transfer your roses in the best area possible.

How to Water Your Orchids So the Roots Don’t Rot

Watering your orchids must be done carefully to prevent overwatering. Most orchids require that the roots dry out between waterings and it is easy to water too frequently or too much at a time. Often, humidity can be more important than the actual water poured over the roots.

Mother Plants – 7 Tips to Grow Healthy Mother Plants

Mother plants are essential for maintaining a continual propagation system. A strong mother plant is the first step to taking perfect cuttings. Weak cuttings turn into slow and sometimes weak plants.

Maintenance – The Fruit of Your Labor

The efforts you devoted to your garden are now paying off. You can enjoy your vision in a yard that is in full bloom and which reflects the vision you had.

Gardening – Properly Preparing Your Soil For Success

An experienced gardener is well aware that there are a number of keys to developing a thriving garden. Not the least of these keys is the quality of the soil in which you position the plants. Without great soil, it is fighting a losing battle. To learn a few insider soil tips, read on.

Culinary Herbs From Italy

Italians are always well known for their kind of food and superb cuisines. We are aware of this because we have already tasted some varieties of the Italian recipes. Italian recipes are very popular almost throughout the world. To name a few Italian food or famous Italian recipes, we have the very famous pizza, Italian style spaghetti, Italian style steak, tasty macaroni salads.

Six Disease-Resistant Roses For Your Bush Rose Garden

A low-maintenance bush rose garden need no longer be a distant dream. Many of the newer hybrid varieties are geared to resist the most common diseases that affect roses. The key is in researching and selecting the right roses for your climate zone and soil conditions. Most roses do well in slightly acidic and well-drained, moist soil.

How to Check Your Soil’s PH Level

If you care about the health of your plants, you should be mindful of your soil’s pH for a variety of reasons. For example, the type and level of a soil’s nutrients available for plants to absorb are directly related to the soil’s pH level.

Gardening – Grow Your Own Mouth-Watering Vegetables

You’ve heard it a hundred times from Mom – vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. If in these tough economic times you want to save money and make it easier to eat healthy, then consider growing vegetables in a garden of your own.

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