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Herb Garden Information For Beginners

A general overview of herb garden information, beginning with the earliest recorded use of herbs. Find out about the different types of herbs, depending on how they’re used, tips on growing herbs successfully in your home garden, and suggestions for placement of your herb garden.

Build a Compost Pile – The Benefits and Methods of Home Composting

Composting is the organic process of breaking down organic materials such as leaves, grass, and vegetable scraps into a rich soil-like substance that plants love. Applying compost to your soil is beneficial to your garden. For starters, it will help feed your plants with the nutrients they need. Plus, if your compost is very rich in nutrients, you prevent the growth of soil diseases.

When It’s Time to Winterize Your Water Garden

All summer long you’ve worked on and enjoyed the lovely water garden you’ve created in your backyard. You just hate the thought of winter coming and damaging your water garden, so you’d like to know what you can do to winterize your water garden and keep it safe so that it’s ready to go again in the spring. This article is going to give you the information you’ll need to safely preserve this lovely area of your yard.

Irrigation Pumps – Different Types For Different Purposes

Submersible, Turbine, and Jet Pumps are all styles of Irrigation Pumps. Read the article to find out more.

Heat Treating Tomato Seeds to Avoid Diseases

Remember, however, that hybrid seeds most likely will not produce the same fruit as the parent plant did. If you want seeds that hold true to their parents you must use open-pollinated, or heirloom seeds.

Tomato Disease Prevention & Nutrition

We are trying to grow & sell tomatoes to supplement our income. We live near Houston, TX. This year we planted 208. They gave us a beautiful early crop, but got what we believe is early blight. What we have learned is to grow only disease resistant varieties in this area. What are you doing to prevent all these diseases in yours?

How to Choose the Perfect Office Plants

Having plants in your business office or cubicle can be a great way to bright up the area, making it more pleasant and cheerful. However, not all plants do well in an indoor office environment. Plants vary widely in their tolerance of lighting conditions, temperature, and humidity needs.

The Remarkable Edible Garden!

Flowers have been adding glamor and romance to cultures around the world for centuries. Their exquisite form, fragrance, and flavor have been used by gourmets in garnishes, stuffing, jams and jellies, butters, cheese spreads, pancakes and crepes, beverages, salads, marinades, and dressings.

Best Time to Plant an Herb Garden

When it comes to planting an herb garden, proper timing is essential. Surely, you wouldn’t want a simple factor such as a ‘wrong time’ to dampen all your gardening efforts. And there’s no better time to know when you should start planting herbs, than now. So go ahead and read this article.

Composting For the Home Gardener

Compost includes 4 basic elements including air, water, carbon, and nitrogen. There are two types of composting, aerobic and anaerobic, meaning with oxygen and without.

Growing Vegetables in Self-Watering Containers

Most people think that vegetables must be grown in a garden bed. But there is in fact another option – containers. Vegetables don’t care where they are grown, as long as they have enough room for their roots and they receive enough sunshine and water to allow them to grow strong and healthy. Plus, it’s so easy to grow vegetables in self-watering containers. Here’s how, along with a brief discussion of the advantages.

Caring For Your Orchids

After choosing the area where you want your orchids to grow, you need to give them their own micro-climate. Here are some helpful tips for caring for your orchids:

The Mystery of Plants

The mystery of plants affects each creature that lives upon the face of the earth in some shape form or fashion. Plants are one of natures most precious gifts. The earth is clothed with thousands upon thousands of species and subspecies of plants.

Why Do We Need Weeds?

In my opinion we absolutely need weeds they play a very important part in the plant and animal kingdom. Weeds help to feed countless insects, which in turn feed other small and large creatures, such as birds, deer, rabbits, and so forth. Many weeds have been cultivated to give us beautiful wild flowers that are enjoyed by gardener’s world wide. More importantly weeds are responsible for pollination which indirectly has a great affect on mankind as we know it. Some weeds are used as food for human consumption such as dandy lions among other weeds.

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