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How to Start Growing Herbs in Pots

No home should be complete without some herbs growing. With the ability to grow herbs indoors and out, there is no excuse. Growing herbs in a pot allows you to grow herbs no matter what season and there are added benefits to growing herbs in pots. To get started, you will want to follow a few simple procedures.

Herb Gardening – Introduction to Herb Gardening

Do you want to keep your kitchen beautiful and fresh smelling? Are you often fond of using herbs in preparing your food? Do you have extra time in your hands? If yes, then having an herb garden is the answer to these questions.

Bolting Plants and Herbs – Preventing Basil and Cilantro Bolting

How to prevent plants from bolting. This guide includes practical tips on reducing the chances of your edible plants bolting.

Home Herb Garden – Choosing a Planter, Sunlight and Planting

Growing herbs in your house has certain advantages and disadvantages. In this article we look at the way to get the best results growing your herbs indoors.

Spinning Composter – 3 Reasons Why the Back Porch Compost Tumbler Might Be the Best Composter

If you are in the market for a compost bin, consider a spinning composter. One of the best spinning composter is the Back Porch Compost Tumbler.

The Advantages of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has become increasingly popular among many gardeners, particularly those that create gardens in order to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits for their own consumption or to make some extra profit out of it. The trend towards the patronization of organic gardening has started as more and more chefs and foodie experts began to advocate the high difference in the flavors that they actually taste when they use produce that have been grown organically as compared to those that have been growing using conventional methods.

Power Plans For An Italian Herb Garden

Think Italian and your sensory organs go on an overdrive for more reasons than one. One such reason is the range of Italian herbs that is responsible for the popularity of the Italian cuisine world over. Little wonder then that most would love to replicate Italy in some form or the other. Planning an Italian garden in humble homes features top most in the minds of several garden enthusiasts.

3 Unique Examples of Bamboo’s Toughness

Bamboo is a type of grass, but it is also one of the toughest woody materials in the world, tougher sometimes than actual hardwoods and even concrete.

Our Home Garden With Solar Lighting

Solar lights installed in our home garden is a wonderful way of lighting our outdoor living spaces while entertaining friends and family. An ideal spot for escaping the worries of the day is that beautiful flower garden dotted with solar lights.

Gardeners and Gardens Enjoy Cool Fall Weather in October

Plant now for colorful blooms by Thanksgiving. Use nursery six-packs instead of costlier annuals in larger containers. In fall, smaller plants grow bigger and will flower longer than their larger counterparts.

Lush Italian Herb Gardens

An article about Italian herb gardens. Includes information on the different types of Italian herbs.

Herb Garden Plants

This article discusses the many classifications, uses and benefits of herb garden plants for the aspiring herb gardener. See how to care for different types of herbs, planting tips and what types of herbs are available to you.

Growing Herbs in Pots – Top Tips For Fast-growing an Amazing Indoor Herb Garden

Did you know that some award winning herb gardens aren’t even outside in the garden? I’ll show you how to have the healthiest and most bountiful indoor garden by growing herbs in pots.

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