Hydrangea 101–A General Overview

I Think I CAN, I Think I CAN!

So you have a garden, and it is doing fantastically, but you can’t help wondering, “What in the world am I going to do with all this food?” There’s the pretty obvious answer: Give it away. But after thinking of this solution, your survival instincts may kick in and you may end up saying to yourself, “But this is my food…”

Growing Organic Sweet Potatoes

If you’re growing sweet potatoes, the colors range from white to purple to brown to reddish, and the flesh colors range from white and yellow to orange and purple. Read more here!

How To Grow Wheatgrass

Learn the important steps to growing your very own wheatgrass tray for consumption. Discover the fantastic benefits of adding wheatgrass to your diet.

10 Steps How to Optimize Your Gardening Work

The gardening is one of the best hobbies that keep you near the nature. It allows you to see the beauty of the nature as well as to do healthy activities. However, if you feel too tired of the gardening work and you already don’t enjoy it, maybe it’s time to change something in it. Here are 10 simple steps that could help you to optimize your work in the garden.

Rocks – Designs, Ideas for Rocks

Rocks are often abound in people’s gardens. They may range from huge boulders of steel-hard granite, to ones that crumble almost as one watches, usually of sandstone.

Tumbleweed Composters Make Me Eat Humble Pie

Tumbleweed composters are similar to other tumbler composters in that they produce compost quickly. But their real strength is the ease of use and assembly.

Growing Spinach in Your Home Vegetable Garden

When I was younger I could not stand the taste of spinach. of course that was more than likely due to the fact the only spinach my mom served came from a frozen box that had to be cooked. Then in my early twenties I grew (no pun intended) to love to eat fresh, raw spinach. That is when I began growing my own spinach. I found that this cool weather crop is a great addition to any home vegetable garden, and a lot easier to grow then you think.

Gardening – Start Your Seedlings NOW

It is almost the end of February, it’s time to think about gardening. With the cost of everything going up, this may cramp a gardener’s style. For anyone who is cost- conscious, starting your plants from seedlings is an economical alternative. Garden centers are not yet open, here in Canada. But unlimited selection of seeds are already on store shelves. Browse around and get ideas about what to plant this coming season.

The Importance of Proper Rose Care

Rose care is not nearly as difficult as people think! Water, sun soil and love are all the plants need. This article details the basic ingredients necessary to produce a beautiful rose garden full of healthy colorful blooms.

Orchid Fertilizer: What You Should Know Before Feeding Your Plants

Adding orchid fertilizer can be tricky as overfeeding your plants can be harmful. In orchid growing, you need to learn the basics of fertilizing orchids so you can feed your plants correctly.

The Fascination of Growing Miniature Roses

The only way in which miniature roses are diminutive is in their size. They are very big on beauty, grace, fragrance and color! This article brings to light the many settings in which these little beauties shine!

Growing Bluebonnets for Your Garden

Instead of the typical daisies, petunias, or zinnias, make your garden stand apart this year by planting bluebonnets. These bold indigo wildflowers beautifully enhance any style landscape. Bluebonnet flowers thrive in sandy soil, nutrient-depleted soil, even soil heavy in clay, and once stabilized will survive with little water and practically no maintenance. If this is your first venture into wildflower gardening, you may have questions on how to plant bluebonnet flower seeds. These simple guidelines will ensure success for your garden…

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