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The Secret to Growing Miniature Roses

Growing a rose bush is no doubt fun, and there are many who have tried their hand at it. Of course there are just as many who say that roses are the hardest type of flower to grow, and as such many will stray away from them. Growing miniature roses is even more fun, and just like with standard roses there are a few things that you will need to do to make sure that they grow properly.

Organic Gardening Soil Preparation – Are Soil Amendments Necessary?

We promise that you can have a great garden in any soil – without soil amendments! Manure and/or compost introduce unknowns into your garden, including not knowing what nutrients you are getting, if any, and all too often other unknowns soon identify themselves as weed seeds, bugs, or diseases.

White Garden Rose Gardens

White is a relatively easy monochromatic scheme to plan, since many plants have white-flowered forms or complementary silver or gray foliage. White roses are rather rare and can add an unexpected element of elegance to your garden. Even though the idea of an all white rose garden at first thought may seem a dull concept it is the simple purity itself with punctuations of the golden stamens found in the center of the flower which gives it clarity and interest.

Climbing Roses – Pruning Tips

No rose garden can be considered complete unless you’ve introduced at least climbing roses into your collection of rose species. All roses will need pruning at sometime or other, even if it’s to simply remove any dead or diseased wood. Pruning roses isn’t difficult if you have a basic understanding of their growing and blooming habits. Unfortunately climbing roses need a different style of pruning to ramblers, and this can give some people real difficulty as it can be tricky to tell them apart.

The Best Way to Grow a Flowering Plant Indoors

Who doesn’t love flowers? Surely, you can grow a flower garden. But wouldn’t it be more wonderful if you could have your own flower garden indoors. This article tells you how how you can enjoy flowers without having to step out of the house.

Herb Garden Kits – Choosing Which One to Buy

How much time do you have to devote to gardening? You should be honest with yourself if you intend to grow an herb garden. Anything you plant has to be tended to, up to and including the time of harvest.

Comfrey – An Organic Garden Fertilizer

Comfrey is a perennial herb often favored by gardeners as an organic garden fertilizer because its nutrient-filled leaves are good source of potassium and have many uses in the garden. As a plant, it grows by about a meter high, has large hairy leaves and black turnip-like roots. It’s flowers are bell-shaped in white, purple or pink colors. It is regarded as a dynamic accumulator, a plant whose roots draw nutrients from the soil, and these nutrients are released through it’s leaves.

Constructing a Grow Box

Which is cheaper, buying a hydroponics grow box or constructing your own hydroponics growbox? If you have spent any time on forums lately, you will notice that quite a few people recommend that beginners should build their own hydroponics grow box machine for their first grow. However what does the beginner or amateur really know about building a hydroponics grow box?

A Choice Selection of Garden Water Feature Plants

One of the plants that looks the most natural in a damp area of the garden is the fern and a range of different ferns planted about the sides of a small stream will enhance its beauty. The ferns should be planted in a somewhat scattered fashion so they look as natural as possible.

The Aster Flowers

Asters are those beautiful fall flowers that bring a dull fall garden to life. A new gardener will enjoy planting and taking care of these perennials due to the fact that they are very hardy and have few pests.

Garden Furniture Sets – Free Guide on Garden Furniture Sets

Garden furniture sets make your garden a habitable space. This article shows you some important points so that you can choose the right kind of furniture.

Growing Catnip, an Organic Way to Show Your Cat How Much You Love Her

Virtually anyone with a cat knows how much their furry friend likes catnip. This herb can really make your cat feel good, but it won’t hurt them. Growing catnip is something that you can do to make sure your cat is only getting the most organic catnip available.

4 Ways to Preserve Your Harvest and Make it Last

In climates with distinct growing seasons, for example in New England where I live, you tend to harvest large amounts of food at certain times such as the fall and little or none at other times like the winter and early spring. Fortunately many fruits and vegetables can be preserved so you can enjoy them for longer periods of time. Here are 4 basic ways.

Caring For Roses – Give Them What They Want!

If we attempt to grow roses in a soil that’s not suited to growing roses, and we don’t take the necessary steps to improve the soil, then of course we’re courting disappointment. If we understand what the optimum environment is for our roses, then the closer we can keep to those conditions, the more success we’ll have with them.

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