I Gave In And Bought Compost

Improving the Topsoil in Your Garden

When you start gardening a new patch of soil, whether it be a new allotment or a new garden, it’s always interesting. What will grow well or not? Will the soil be easy to work? Well, you can give yourself a head start by doing a bit of soil analysis and improvement before you plant.

Looking After Your Lawn Turf in Drought

Global warming certainly seems to be changing the climate, even if nobody’s quite sure exactly how. What seems certain is that we are experiencing more extreme weather events: the drought periods are longer, as are the periods of heavy rainfall or cold weather. And this means we need to start changing the way that we garden. So does this mean the death of lawns?

How to Lay Beautiful Lawn Turf

It’s best to lay a new lawn in mid-autumn, although it can be done any time until late winter, as long as the soil is not too frosty or wet. At that time of year, lawns grow relatively slowly, so you can give it time to establish before you have to mow it.

Greener With Scenery

Your home is your pride. And of course, you want to make your home look lovely and beautiful. Let’s take this in another way. “Your garden absolutely explodes with colour and life! I’m green with envy.” Wouldn’t you love others say this to your home’s garden?

Improve Your Lawn For Free, Can Seaweed Help Your Lawn To Grow?

If you are keen on maintaining your lawn and improving its appearance, you’ve likely seen lawn-care products in your local supermarket, garden center or even online that are advertised as seaweed-based liquids. Would you like to know more about this? How accurate are the claims made about seaweed?

Preparing the Ground for Planting With New Topsoil

New build houses don’t very often have beautiful gardens. It just doesn’t seem to be something that is considered important, and developers usually just leave the garden as a roughly-laid lawn or perhaps a patio. But it may well be very important to you, so here are some tips for preparing the ground to create a garden outside a new build house.

Mint Is An Easy And Pleasant Addition To Your Home Herb Garden

The plant is generally easy to cultivate in an herb garden. It grows successfully where the soil is moist. The leaves of most species are fuzzy on the top side, and have jagged edges with small points around the perimeter. The plant spreads easily in sunny or partially shady locations in many climates. In order to keep it contained, it’s a good idea to surround it with a barrier that is at least 10 inches deep before planting it.

5 Garden Watering Options

Water is essential for any garden to blossom, but how do you ensure that your garden gets the right amount of water? What options are available? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Why Tree Topping Is Not Always the Preferred Method

Tree topping is a simple method which can prove to be quite harmful for the tree’s health in addition to the future security of your house. In this method, about 50 to 100% of the leaf bearing crown of the tree is removed. Therefore, it gets reduced in size and your problem gets solved. But, this method actually poses a lot of problems for you.

The Right Garden Shed For Your Weather?

Do you have the right garden shed for your garden? This may seem a simple question after all is a garden shed not just a garden shed, made out of four walls with a door and windows and a simple roof? Well in principle it is, however they can differ substantially in how they are built, be that in terms of the timber thickness, the structural rigidity and most importantly the quality of the wood used in its construction as well as how the wood has been treated.

Greenhouse Gardening With Compost

When I was a child, my parents had a greenhouse. They used it for sowing and germinating seeds, and also grew lots of plants in it, including tomatoes, cucumbers and various exotics, but all in pots and grow bags. So I grew up thinking that greenhouse gardening was all about pots. Then I discovered the joys of planting direct into soil under glass. This has huge advantages over growing in pots, not least that your plants don’t dry out quite so quickly if you forget to water them for a day or so. They also have much greater reserves of nutrients to draw on, because the roots can go deeper.

Growing Vegetables in Raised Beds in Compost

Reading some of the books available about vegetable gardening, you might think that you need huge expanses of garden, or an allotment, in order to grow your own vegetables. But that’s just not true. You can grow vegetables in quite a small patch of ground, or even in a container or two. And one thing that makes growing your own much easier is the introduction of ready-made raised beds.

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