I Grew My Own Bread From Scratch

Picking the Right Tools For the Right Garden

Just like any other hobby, in order for you to participate in gardening you will require the right kind of tools for a variety of gardening jobs. Much like picking up the game of golf, you’ll need to make sure you have all sort of equipments ready on hand before you start.

Grow Tomatoes From Seed Using Fluorescent Lights!

It’s easy to grow tomatoes from seed indoors under fluorescent lights. Not only is it easy and inexpensive, but it produces vigorous healthy plants. I have successfully grown a dozen different tomato varieties under ordinary cool-white fluorescent shop lights in an otherwise dark basement.

What Exactly is Feng Shui Gardening?

If you’ve been to any beautify gardens lately, you’ll notice that if done properly, a garden can provide you a sense of tranquility and serenity that can not be found anywhere else. This is a welcoming change of mood and environment especially for those whole lives in the city, where the hustle and bustle of city life can quickly dampen your spirit in a struggling world.

Starting Vegetable Garden Patches

A salad with fresh, home-grown vegetables is the perfect way to start any lunch or dinner. Yet, most people balk at the mere thought of cultivating and caring for a garden, whether they are afraid of digging in the dirt or are fearful that their plants won’t grow.

Growing Medicinal Herbs – A Popular and Healthful Hobby

Many people are now growing herbs for their healing properties, and there are over 100 herbal plants that can be used for this purpose. Some of these herbs are used for treatment of various illnesses and injuries, while others are used regularly for preventative measures.

Hydroponics Grow Box Beginner’s Guide – Choose a Grow Box That’s Right For You

Hydroponics is a form of gardening that is generally done indoors in a controlled environment. It uses a lighting system, an environment (also known as a grow box) and a feeding system (a mixture of water and nutrients)… oh, and of course your plant of choice. When growing with hydroponics there are three primary phases.

Bonsai Jasmine Tree Care Guide

Bonsai Jasmine trees are very popular as they can be left outside during the winter months. During the summer months they also don’t need much shade protection from the direct sun. These two factors combined make looking after the tree slightly easier than most other bonsai trees. This is because they are originally from China where the natural climate is either very hot and or very cold depending on the season.

Victory Gardens Making a Resurgence During Economic Recession

My grandparents taught me that taking a hand-out was a personal insult on ones own integrity. Well, those days are gone now aren’t they? It’s not exactly news but we are headed for financial disaster! How are you going to make it? Now is your time to resolve to start your own victory garden this year. Do something for your benefit and invest your time and sweat equity. Investing in a few raised bed organic gardens can feed you through months at a time. Think that would help stretch your dollars and lower your grocery bill?

Solving Your Vegetable Garden’s Water Problem

Do you have a problem with too much water in your home vegetable garden? If so, then you will need to read on as expert vegetable gardeners weigh in with their solutions to this very common issue.

How to Plant a Vegetable Garden – Planting a Healthy Vegetable Garden at Home

If you want to learn how to plant a vegetable garden you are making terrific decision. Planting a year around vegetable garden will allow you to grow enough fresh vegetables for you and your family that you will soon have fresh and organic vegetables on your table daily. Whether it’s to save money or to avoid genetically modified vegetables at your supermarket, planting a vegetable garden provides countless benefits.

Planting Basics

Find some basic info about planting. How to begin, which things not to forget and a lot more.

Simple Steps on How to Start and Maintain a Compost Pile

A good alternative for artificial fertilizers are rich particles from a compost pile. As by-products of natural events, such particles can produce the same effects received from artificial fertilizers without harming your soil. It is also a good way to dispose your kitchen and biodegradable wastes and contribute to minimizing dumped wastes in landfills. If you want to try this amazing method of fertilization, read this article and know how to start and maintain your own compost pile.

Growing Tomatoes in Containers When Space is Limited

When space for growing tomatoes is limited, certain varieties can easily be grown in containers. These container plants will produce the same amount as those planted in a tomato garden.

Trees and Shrubs Trimming

One of the most essential tools a gardener has is the electric trimmer or a good pair of garden shears. Trimmers and garden shears are most suitable for trimming of formal hedges. Trimming is also an art which if one knows well can surely boast about it.

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