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Is Your Soil in Need of a Health Check?

Late January or February is probably an ideal time to check the condition of your soil, before the New Year’s growth cycle begins. Questions to keep in mind are as follows: The sort of soil that you have? Is the soil light or heavy? Is the soil chemistry acidic, alkaline or neutral?

Information About Poisonous Plants

Many plants have fatal properties. Learn how to identify poisonous plants.

The Age-Old, Luscious Tomato

The tomato plant is a fruit and all fruit shrubs and trees need special care when grown and there are plenty of potential threats as well including over watering. You’d need to master the skill of watering tomato plants in order to get a good crop.

How Creating a Simple Wormery Can Provide a Better and Eco-Friendly Solution to Household Waste

As recycling and greener living has in recent times become a global issue, this article hopes to explain some of the many uses of a wormery. In their normal habitat, or more specifically your lawn, worms actually do a fantastic job of keeping the lawn in top condition. The holes they create keep the soil aerated allowing rain to penetrate the soil. In addition they do a marvellous job of clearing the lawn of leaves and other debris.

April Gardening Tips and Snips

Pretty Patios Spring is finally here! Add instant colour and character to your patio by planting up pots and planters.

Knowing When to Plant Roses in Certain Places

There are so many people who are planning to have a rose garden but they don’t even have any idea when to plant roses. There are factors you need to consider in planting roses and knowing the right time when to plant roses is one of those. Some experts say that the right time when to do rose planting is in early spring but some may probably disagree. So what really is the best time to plant roses? Well there really is no exact answer to this question. You should always consider every rose as a unique individual and there is no exact time to perfectly plant them. The first example to give is the sturdy rose. As its name suggests, you can easily plant the sturdiest roses almost any time of the year. But for other varieties, that might not be the case.

Tomato – Physically a Fruit But a Vegetable at Heart

Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable is a common question! It’s obviously a fruit; but, what are the methods needed to grow one and care for it? Let’s take a look at all these points in a nutshell.

How to Grow Strawberries At Home

This how to grow strawberries article will guide you and help you reap those delicious red berries year after year. Every garden should have multiple strawberry plants growing in them. They are fragrant and beautiful and one of the first to produce its fruit in the spring. Each healthy strawberry plant should yield you about a quart of strawberries. This can help you decide how many to plant.

Benefits Of Good Garden Tools

Garden tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People who are keen on gardening will need to procure some of these implements before they can begin the process. A good set of tools can be found at most home improvement stores. Amateur…

Portable Kitchen Islands Information

Are you tired of managing things on a small kitchen platform? Do you have to keep bulky tables in your kitchen to store items so that you can use the platform as your work top? Do you find it difficult to move around in the kitchen with all the bulky and immobile furniture or carts around? Then it is time you get the portable kitchen islands.

Hydroponics Nutrient Solution for Your Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Nutrients endeavour to give you a pleasant growing experience. The nutrient mixes are not complex to assemble and most hydroponic fertilizers already contain the right amounts of groups of micro-nutrients. All hydroponics nutrients are water-soluble.

Why Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables?

Are you tired of spending too much money at the grocery store? Do you want to be more self-sufficient? Learn how to build your own Home Aquaponics System in a weekend and start growing your own organic vegetables and fruit in your backyard. This is a great project for the whole family! Teach your kids how to provide for themselves while enjoying great tasting fresh produce.

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